Congratulations messages to all elected Honorable Members of Parliament in North Kivu DRCongo.

Subject: Congratulations and wishes of success to the Honorable National Representatives elected from North Kivu

Gentlemen, Honorable Ladies National Deputies elected from North Kivu during the general elections of December 2023 in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Last Sunday, we witnessed your victory in the legislative elections, allowing you to access the position of Deputy of the new National Assembly in Parliament. It is with great pleasure that we see you today taking on these new responsibilities. We therefore offer you our sincere congratulations and our wishes for success in the future actions that you will carry out at the National Assembly. Listening, dialogue and hard work have been qualities that have characterized you for many years and which will be assets to take on your new responsibilities. We hope to be able to go to the Palace soon to shake your hand and offer you our congratulations this time in person. In this anticipation, we ask you to accept, Honorable National Deputies, the expression of our high consideration. Sifa biloto Lilyane General Secretariat

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