Public Conference today on hate speech and violent communication

Today Saturday June 1st, 2024 we organizing a public Conference on Hate Speech and violent Community which will bring together various youth groups. The Conference will be held in our meeting hall and will start at 2pm local time.

INROADS 10 Years Anniversary: Zoom Meeting

Come celebrate inroads 10-year anniversary 🎉
This mixer will be a social, facilitated space to connect with other inroads members, reflect on our diverse journeys towards abortion justice, and explore our dreams and vision for the next decade in making inroads together 💚 REGISTER HERE

Dialogue with UNODC

Two staff members will attend these Discussions which are being organized by UNODC in June ” U 2024/81 UNODC: Joint Constructive Dialogue following conclusion of 15th meeting of Working Group of Government Experts on Technical Assistance and 15th meeting of Working Group on International Cooperation (NGOs)” from on 22.03.2024. Two among our staff members have applied for this Dialogue and in case they get the necessary funding they will travel up to Vienna.

Public Dialogue on the presence of Rwandan Refugees in DRCongo especially the FDLR in North Kivu,

We are working on this activity which will help the participants to access accurate information on this topic which is highly in the hands of few political leaders. This Dialogue will be in partnership with the New Dynamic of the Civil Society and the the Youth for Solidarity of the Four Corners of the World. Find more here ” Proposed activities and ideas aiming at engaging all actors at all levels on issues of FDLR and refugees – cojeski (

The first public Dialogue was held at our offices and brought together various actors, we are looking forward to hold another session on this topic here in Goma. This is part of advocacy for peaceful resolution of conflict between DRCongo and Rwanda, over the years Rwanda has claimed about the presence of FDLR in DRCongo, that is why we have picked interest in this area in order to understand it better and draw the lessons but also to propose solutions.



The Global Refugee Forum Summit in Geneva in December 2023, we are working hard to ensure that at least 10 refugees and a delegation of the Civil Society organizations in DRC are represented. So far consultation meetings have started among Civil Society Organizations here in North Kivu. We have also now embarked on Fundraising, please support our cause to get the necessary money through this link here ”

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