Meetings this week

Monday May 27th, 2024

Meeting with the Head of the Youth Department of North Kivu called Youth Division, Mr. Guy Kibira at his Office and discussed about ongoing activities for Pacific Cohabitation and Solidarity between IDPs and host communities. The participants included representatives from COJESKI North Kivu, NDSCI North Kivu, AJVDC, and Divisions Youth Leaders in Goma.

Tuesday May  28th, 2024

Preparation of an information session on Women Menstrual Hygiene at the office in line with May 28th, the International Day of Actions for Women’s Health Rights..

Wednesday May 29, 2024

Information Session on Women Menstrual Health in Commemorating the International Day of Actions for Women’s Rights, May 28, at 10 am,

Preparation Meeting for the Concert to support IDPs

The Coordination meeting will meet and discuss at 2pm,

Thursday May 30, 2024

Monthly Meeting with organization members starting at 9 am, up to 11 am,

Inauguration to NDSCI Urban Committee of Goma from 11am up to 1pm

Friday June 1st, 2024

Meeting with all the Choirs and other singers who will take part in the activity of the Concert

Monday May 20th, 2024

Staff meeting at the office starting at 8am and finishing at 9:30 am, this is because on Saturday we could not have this meeting because all members were involved in contributing to the New Refugee Law which we are going to Propose.

The same day staff members will be in the field for meetings with Religious Leaders in order to share with them our ideas on what we are planning for the Internally Displaced Persons around Goma. And in the afternoon their will be two Choir Practices in which staff members will participate in order to prepare the Religious Concert in Solidarity with IDPs in Goma. The Coordinator will also meet the delegation of Youth People who are involved in various talent activities.

Tuesday May 21st, 2024

Field work in order to meet local authorities and other religious leaders in order to exchange with the about the Concert in Solidarity with IDPs and request them to help us with Space for our activities.

Wednesday May 22nd, 2024

Meeting with organizations involved in Pacific Cohabitation between IDPs and the host Community around Goma, and plan for the ongoing activities

Thursday May 23rd, 2024

Thursday Public Dialogue on the New Proposed Refugee Policy in order to get more views on how best to make it better and able to solve of the problems affecting refugees in DRC.

Friday May 24th, 2024

Meeting all Senate Candidates in an activity which is being organized together with the New Dynamic of the Civil Society in North Kivu.

Today Tuesday May 14th, 2024

Meeting at the office to get views from actors of the Civil Society of the new draft of the Refugee Law in DRC, the meeting will start at 10 am. Today also our staff members will meet refugee women in north Goma in order to exchange of their activities especially those who are engaged in Income Generating Activities, the meeting will start at 10 am,

On Wednesday May 15th, 2024, we shall have a bringing together two IDP Choirs in Bulengo pour preparer un Concert avec les PDI,

Thursday May 16th, 2024, a meeting with Armee du Ciel Carmel Goma in order to plan for the Concert with IDPs in Goma,

Friday May 17th, 2024, meeting with organization members in order to discuss on issues around Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Goma and in North Kivu, the meeting will start at 10am. The same day, a meeting with Refugee women Craft Group, the meeting will start at 9am,

Saturday May 18th, 2024: Weekly staff meeting,

Saturday April 6th, a meeting bringing together interested organizations will be held at our office to focus on activities for pacific cohabitation between IDPs and the host communities in Goma,

Thursday April 4, 2024: Two COJESKI Staff members will have meetings in four IDP Camps around Goma in order to form a team that will be involved in Music Activities for pacific cohabitation,

On Friday April 5th, 2024: Online Fundraising Information Session at our office, and helping small organizations in Goma to explore opportunities with GlobalGiving, the training session will start at 9am, and will be done by the Coordinator of COJESKI North Kivu, Mr. Kulihoshi Musikami Pecos,

On the same Friday there will be a meeting with the team that is involved in Abortion Stigma Reduction at office starting at 2pm,


Sunday March 17th, 2024, official launch of the Campaign for Solidarity and Pacific Cohabitation between IDPs and host communities in Goma. More activities will follow,

March 28th, 2024 events and campaigns towards the reduction of abortion stigma in Goma, in line with the Global Day of Action against Abortion Stigma Reduction,

Weekly meeting on Saturday at the office

The whole staff will be in a weekly staff meeting from 9am on Saturday and then after, they will be joined with other members of different organizations for a training on issues related to the Strategic Work-Plan of the organization.

Today Thursday January 25th, 2024, meeting in this morning to evaluate the field work of the team which went to collect information on abortion stigma in Goma/DRC.

This Thursday January 25th, 2024 our Team will also attend a Security Meeting in Goma, the meeting is called by the Mayor of Goma in order to focus on the current situation on insecurity in Goma. Our team will present key issues and key recommendations to the meeting.

Weekly staff meeting on Saturday

On Saturday January 20th, 2024, we shall have our weekly staff meeting starting at 9am up to 11am at the office and will also prepare other events for next week.

Meeting on the situation of Abortion in Goma.

Tomorrow Friday January 19th, 2024, there will be a meeting at the office on the Implementation of the Survey about Abortion in Goma, DRC. The meeting will evaluate what has been done so far and put in place other activities for next week. The meeting will bring together the appointed people from the Coordination, representatives of two member organizations, and two representatives from partners organizations in North Kivu. This Survey on the situation of Abortion in Goma is done in partnership with Abortion Conversation Projects, based in the USA.

Press Conference at the office

Today Thursday 18th, 2024 we have a Press Conference where we are engaging the media on the security of Human Rights Defenders engaged in the promotion of refugee rights, on the the security of refugees in Goma, before, during and after the general elections in DRCongo. The Press Conference is staring at 10am time of Goma.

Zoom Meeting with our partner from the University of Florida USA

Today Thursday January 18th, 2024 we shall have a meeting in the evening with our partner from the University of Florida in order to discuss about volunteer and internship opportunity of their students on various refugee issues in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but also about refugee legal representation and other refugee needs.

Zoom meeting with representatives from Abortion Conversation Projects (ACP)

Today Monday the Coordination Team held a Zoom with the Board Members of ACP on issues of making available information about issues surrounding abortion in Goma, DRC. The meeting started at 3pm time of Goma and ended at 4pm. Various suggestions were brought forward including the possibility for funding.

First Coordination meeting

Today Monday January 8th, 2024 we held the very first Coordination meeting to which all the five members of the Coordination attended. The meeting started at 9h00 and ended at 10h30. Various resolutions were taken including weekly meetings every Saturday at 9am.


On Tuesday January 9th, 2024 there will be a meeting between refugee women groups and the leaders of the organization SADI in order to prepare the visit of a donor from the USA who is interested to fund refugee women activities. The meeting will start at 9am and will end at 10:30 am, three women groups will attend the meeting.

On the same day at 3pm a meeting bringing together three networks in North Kivu will be held here at the office in order to focus on particular projects for women and review the current situation in DRC after the general elections, this will help them to make a common stand.

On Thursday January 11th, 2024 COJESKI and NDSCI will have a Press Conference on the situation of refugees in North Kivu, especially the deterioration of the security situation to refugees and threats against human rights who are engaged in the promotion of refugee rights.

Internal meetings

On Wednesday January 3rd, 2024, a meeting of the Board of Directors in order to prepare the General Elections,

On Thursday January 4th, 2024, a meeting of leaders of member organizations in order to plan on key issues and make priorities for the year 2024,

Saturday January 6th, 2024, the very first General Assembly

Refugee meetings

Friday January 5th, 2024, start of activities of all refugee groups ( Craft Group, Refugee Tailoring Group, Refugee Income Generating Activity Group, and Refugee Charcoal Making Group,

Wednesday January 10th, 2024 the first refugee leaders Meeting for the year 2024 in Goma,

Friday January 12th, 2024, the first meeting with representatives of Internally Displaced Persons around Goma, North Kivu

Key meetings along this week

Meeting with Candidates

On Wednesday December 6th, 2023 we shall have a meeting with Candidates at National and Provincial levels to engage them on issues about refugees, Internally Displaced Persons and survivors of disasters in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The objective is to create awareness about the lack of good policies and the lack of government strategy on issues of prevention and interventions.

Security Task-Force Meeting in Goma on Tuesday December 5th, 2023

With the security degradation in Goma, North Kivu, a security meeting has been organized in which we shall participate and will bring together all security services and actors of the Civil Society. A brief report will be shared in this website after the meeting. We have already drafted a document on what we are going to present and again the document will be shared after the meting.

Monday November 27th 2023: Meeting with organization partners based in Goma on the current electoral process in order to evaluate key issue candidates are promising and come up with advocacy points,

The same Monday meeting with key individual organizations to discuss about partnership and collaboration and lastly meeting refugee leaders on the current situation of refugees during this period of elections,

Tuesday November 28th, 2023: The whole COJESKI North Kivu will have a Zoom meeting with our partners from the University of Florida USA,

The same Tuesday COJESKI North Kivu and partners will have a meeting with some Candidates on issues of refugees and other vulnerable groups,

The same Tuesday COJESKI North Kivu will participate in the Intersos Training on SGBV,

Wednesday November 29th, 2023: Evaluation meeting with refugees in Goma and follow-up meeting with candidates,

Work plan for the campaign to make pressure on UNHCR to ensure the effective participation of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the Global Refugee Forum Summit in Geneva in December 2023.

Proposed activities of Advocacy for the effective participation of refugees, host communities, civil society organizations and the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the Summit of the Global Refugee Forum organized by UNHCR in Geneva in December 2023.


To advocate for the effective participation of DRC in the Forum and highlight key refugee issues,

Focus point

The situation of refugees in DRC and also the situation of Congolese in various countries especially in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and South Africa among others,


General public at all levels, community, national, regional and international,


To mobilize the public for the effective protection of refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo,

To highlight particular issues which affect the lives of refugees in DRC,

To mobilize refugees, host communities and stakeholders on changing the attitudes towards refugees,

To bring high the situation of refugees in DRC in various discussions at the Global Refugee Forum in Geneva,

Meeting with key journalists

On Friday October 13th, a strategic meeting will be held in order to identify key media companies and journalists who will cover all our events at local, provincial, national, regional and international levels,

On Saturday October 14th, a meeting of organizations members of the refugee thematic group will be held in order to approve this action plan and to mobilize the funds,

On Monday October 16th, a meeting with refugees in order to select vocal refugees who will represent others will be organized among refugees in Goma,

On Tuesday October 17th, a consultation meeting will be held bringing together different actors of the Civil Society in North Kivu and in DRC to reflect of actions to be taken, the same Tuesday a letter to call for the first sit-in at UNHCR will be addressed to the Mayor of Goma,

On Thursday October 19th, a press conference on various refugee issues at ISC at 9am,

On Tuesday 24th, October Public Debate on the consequences of the absence of DRC in the Global Refugee Summit, at 9am,

On Friday 27th October refugee and host communities exchange in Goma,

On 6th November 2023 Sit-in at UNHCR Offices starting at 8am up to 3pm,

On Monday 13th November Public Demonstration against UNHCR in Goma and elsewhere,

Thursday 23rd November Public Prayer and Meditation on the situation of refugees in DRC,

Tuesday 28th November visiting some refugee families around Goma and interactions with members of the host communities,

Tuesday 4th December online Zoom meeting on the situation of refugees in DRC and Congolese refugees outside DRC, French,

Thursday 6th December online zoom meeting on the situation of refugees in DRC in English, and the launch of a Petition,

From 12th – 15th participating in online sessions at the Global Refugee Summit,

On Tuesday 18th December evaluation and proposing other actions,

On Monday 25th December Christmas lunch together with vulnerable refugees around Goma,

End of the first round of actions, and plan to meet again in February for the second round of actions,



Mrs/ Mr:………………………………….


As we have alerted you in several messages UNHCR in the DRC appears to be working to exclude refugees, host communities, Civil Society organizations, as well as the Congolese Government from participating in the Global Refugee Forum Summit in Geneva in December 2023.

Over the years all these stakeholders have been deliberately excluded by UNHCR in refugee forums focusing on refugees in DRC and often it is people perceived to be close to Rwanda who participate in Forums in the name of UNHCR.

We believe that the objective of UNHCR in the DRC is to continue to execute Rwanda’s Foreign Policy which argues that Rwandan refugees no longer exist in the DRC, on the ground we observe no differences between Rwanda and UNHCR in the DRC. The consequences of the absence of the DRC at this summit are enormous.

So to meet this challenge and push UNHCR to change its position we are proposing a meeting this Saturday 10/14/2023 at 1:00 p.m at our offices in Goma to formulate a series of advocacy actions targeting UNHCR in the DRC.


  1. Welcome words and outline of the context on the situation of refugees in North Kivu,
  2. Action plan to put pressure on UNHCR in DR Congo,
  3. Mobilization of funds,
  4. A.O.B


Kulihoshi Musikami Pecos

International Day of Peace

Today is the World Day of Peace while we did not plan for activities here at the office as organization, we intend to participate in some events organized the other actors at the French Institute in Goma, starting at 4pm. This will be also for us another opportunity to network and engage with those involved in peace activities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Regular meetings at the office

These are the different regular meetings at our offices in Goma, the Democratic Republic of Congo

Meeting with Returnee Refugees from Uganda and other countries who are living in Goma

The meeting takes place at our offices on the first Wednesday of the month from 8am to 12pm.

Meeting Internally Displaced Persons from Ituri Province, living in Goma,

The meeting takes place on the first Friday of the month from 8am to 12 pm,

Weekly Activities at the office

Monday and Friday: Women Craft Group to make the shopping bags from 8am to 12pm

Tuesday and Thursday: Women Craft Group involved in Sweater making from 8am -12pm

Every Saturday: Staff meeting from 10am to 12 pm,

Refugee women Income Generating Activities
Every Thursday from 8am to 12pm: Meeting Income Generating Activity Women in Byahi and at the same time Charcoal Making group in Byahi,
Every Sunday from 4-5pm: Meeting with Refugee Women in Income Generating Activity in Mugunga in Mugunga
Every Monday from 3-4 pm meeting with Congolese women operating Income Generating Activities, in Carmel
Every Wednesday: Interactions with the legal team at the office from 10am to 3pm
Meeting the Refugee Thematic Group: Once in a month at the office,

Launch of the Commemoration of the Genocide Against Hutus Refugees and Congolese citizens

On Friday September 1st, 2023 we shall launch the very first meeting which will reflect of specific activities and roles refugees will play during the Commemoration of the Genocide against Hutu Refugees and Congolese by Rwandan Army in DRC since 1996 up to now. The meeting will take place at our offices and will come up with roles for the October Genocide against Hutu Refugees and Congolese Genocide, the whole month of October will be dedicated to that.

Meeting with refugee women involved in Small Activities

On Monday and Thursday there will be a two different meeting with Refugee Women involved in Income Generating Activities which are supporting here in Goma, in order to focus on the progress of the Small Generating Activities. These two meetings will be held in their respective places in Byahi and Mugunga.

Meeting Returnee Refugees from Uganda

On Wednesday Returnee Refugees from Uganda will have their monthly meeting at our offices in order to discuss issues that affect them and come up with both an advocacy approach and brainstorm of some projects they can be involved in here in Goma, while the wait for the end of war in order to return back to their respective homes.

Meeting Internally Displaced Persons from Ituri

This Sunday the leadership of Internally Displaced Persons from Ituri/DRC will meet at the office from 11am to discuss on specific issues they facing in IDP Camps around Goma, to share with them information from our various field visits in different offices, and to work together on issues of promoting peace and pacific cohabitation.

Zoom Meeting with Refugee Leaders

On Thursday August 31st, 2023 refugee leaders in Goma, the Democratic Republic of Congo shall have a meeting with other refugee leaders members of Refugee Led Organizations Africa Chapter and will mainly focus on how to involve refugees in DRC in various issues but also to select one refugee who will be facilitated and sponsored to represent others in the UNHCR Global Refugee Forum in Geneva in December 2023.

Meeting the stakeholders for the Internally Displaced Persons in Goma

On Tuesday August 29th, 2023 we shall attend the monthly meeting of all actors involved in the Camps Management around Goma, North Kivu. The meeting will be held at the Offices of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

This is after our intense work on issues affecting the internal Displaced Person and now we move towards advocacy at the stakeholders meeting.

Meeting the Pro-Democracy Pressure Groups in Goma

On Saturday September 2nd, 2023 we intend to meeting some representatives from Pro-Democracy Pressure Groups in Goma in order to discuss about the how best they can improve their struggle, to understand if there is need for trainings on Human Rights and Non-Violence mechanisms, and the necessity for projects in order to strengthen the young people in all these groups. We hope to bring on board at least 10 Leaders from these groups.

Attending the monthly meeting at the United Nations Human Rights Offices in Goma

On Thursday August 2023 our team attended the monthly of human rights organizations from the Civil Society which is organized by the Office of the United Nations Human Rights in Goma, North. Great resolutions were taken among the recommendation that we shall consult various groups in order to come up with training sessions for all those who want to be initiated in the filed of human rights.

Our meeting at the United Nations Offices in Goma

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