Workshop on the protection of refugees in North Kivu,

We currently holding discussions with UNHCR in Goma in order to organize a workshop which train various actors of the Civil Society on the Protection of refugees in North Kivu, DRC. This workshop should take place during the month of June which is known as the Refugee Month. Still in case UNHCR withdraws, we interested Civil Society Organizations will have this workshop for the members.

Workshop on legal policies around refugees in DRCongo

We are preparing for a workshop which will bring together actors interested in refugees to review the existing legal policies and propose reforms of the policies. This workshop will take place in July 2024.

Workshop on non-violence

In line with the International Day of Non-violence in October, we intend to organize a workshop bringing together various actors of the Civil Society in North Kivu to reflect on the use of non-violence in their advocacy. This workshop will be held in October 2024.





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