Currents Donors

Here are key donors who are supporting our various activities since 2021 up to now, each one of them has contributed financially to our projects and others are still supporting us,  we thank you for these collective efforts so far done. We are so proud of you and happy to be part of us.

Here are our current donors and those who have supported us financially since 2021.

With the funding from ACP based in USA we have started collecting information on issues around abortion in Goma, North Kivu the Democratic Republic of Congo in order to reduce stigma. This project started this January 2024.

2. Contributions from members of Diaspora, Europe


4. Yagirwa Foundation, USA and in Goma

5. Aniye Movement, Israel and in Uganda,

6. GlobalGiving through online Fundraising Opportunities

Through GlobalGiving we are embarked on a regular fundraising for our different activities where people donate generously to support our projects. On top of that GlobalGiving does also give us small grant for disaster emergencies in Kinshasa, Kindu and Kalehe.

7. MoneyGram

Through GlobalGiving again we received grant from MoneyGram which has supported refugees in their Small Income Generating Activities here in Goma, North Kivu the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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