Research and Advocacy

Our Research and Advocacy works on a range of issues including surveys serious field works in order to understand the situation and then propose better solutions. Currently we are conducting a survey why women and young girls are not so much involved in the elections as candidates at all levels. Once this is done, we shall come with our findings.

Understanding SGBV

We are also currently collecting necessary information in order to help to focus our activities on SGBV especially at this moment when the North Kivu Province is affected by Displacement of people.

Survey on Abortion Stigma Reduction

Meeting at the office

We are working on collecting clear information on issues around abortion in Goma, the Democratic Republic of Congo in order to help all stakeholders to put in place appropriate response. This survey has been made possible through the seed small grant from Abortion Conversation Projects (ACP), we thank them so much for this great decision. This survey will take place in Goma for a a period of two weeks.
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