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The Collective of Youth Organizations for Solidarity in the Democratic Republic of Congo known as COJESKI-DRC,

COJESKI is a forum bringing together youth organizations, associations, groups, think tanks and any other youth initiative. It was created in October 1993. Currently COJESKI is present in all the former 11 Provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo with the main offices in Kinshasa. The Coordination of North Kivu enjoys autonomy to work on its various programs like other COJESKI Representations in the country. In North Kivu we are present in all the seven Territories and the main office is based in Goma.

Who we are?

COJESKI is a human rights Forum by nature and brings together various Youth Initiatives and other interests parties which are involved in human rights without exclusion. We are the Provincial Coordination of North Kivu.

HISTORY OF COJESKI DRC COJESKI RDC was officially created on October 21, 1995 at the Olame Center in South Kivu Province the Democratic Republic of Congo as “The Collective of Youth Organizations and Associations of South Kivu” “COJESKI” subsequently became, from September 1, 2000, a platform of Congolese Law, pressure and lobbying network with a national and international vocation for Actions for the Defense of Good Governance through the promotion of Peace, Human Rights, Endogenous Democracy and Sustainable Development, called now ” The Collective of Youth Organizations for Solidarity of Congo-Kinshasa”, in the acronym Asbl COJESKI-RDC.

Provincial Coordinations

COJESKI is present in all the 11 former provinces of DRC, and it is not yet fully implemented in the newly created provinces. The former Provinces are: North Kivu, South Kivu, Province Orientale, Equateur, Kishasa, Bas-Congo, Kasai Oriental, Kasai Occidental, Maniema and Katanga. Each Provincial Coordination enjoys autonomy in matters of administration, programs and interventions.

Area of Interventions

Benefiting with the RANGE OF ACTION with legal personality, Observer Status with the National Commission on Human and People’s Rights/African Union and Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), in this capacity, COJESKI RDC, also carries out its activities with the statutory, institutional bodies and Conventional mechanisms of the OAU and the United Nations.

Members of COJESKI/DRC

The members of the non-profit organization COJESKI RDC come from organizations and associations and youth associations from the social and thematic components of 26 constitutional provinces of the DRC, namely: Non-governmental development organizations (NGDOs); Local development initiatives (LDI); Colleges of students from Universities and Higher Institutes; Secondary and vocational schools; Youth ministry of all religious denominations; Pressure and lobbying groups; Independent Youth Movements; the units of the Scout Movement and the Xaveri Movement, the centers of democratic influence; Youth sports and cultural organizations; Young girls’ organizations and women’s youth associations;

Establishment of COJESKI/DRC Coordination of North Kivu

It was since October 2000 that the Provincial Coordination of COJESKI/North Kivu was officially established and is operational to this day, however it existed in North Kivu since 1998.

Term in office

The board of Directors both at National Level and at Provincial levels enjoy two years in offices renewable only once, the Coordinators both at National and Provincial Levels enjoy four years in office renewable only once.


Mission of COJESKI/NORTH KIVU: To Promote and defend Human Rights, Good Governance and Sustainable Development in North Kivu and in other provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Specific Objectives

  1. Contribute to the socio-economic promotion and emergence of youth movements, associations and initiatives of the Democratic Republic of Congo in particular, and youth organizations and movements of different countries in general;
  2. Serve as spokesperson and standard bearer for the aspirations and reoccupations of the Youth of the Democratic Republic of Congo with national, regional and international institutions, through national, regional and international advocacy activities;
  3. Involve young people in the Democratic Republic of Congo in all major national and international decision-making processes affecting their future, in the following areas: Human Rights, Good Governance and Sustainable Development;
  4. Carry out social, economic and political analyzes of the immediate, sub-regional and international environment in which the youth of the Democratic Republic of Congo evolve, with a view to proposing sustainable solutions;
  5. Promote programs of distributive justice, participatory democracy and Sustainable Development, for the benefit of the working and rural masses of the Democratic Republic of Congo and several countries;
  6. Denounce all possible forms of violations of human rights and International Humanitarian Law, recorded, observed or experienced, throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo and in several countries;
  7. Support the youth of the Democratic Republic of Congo during the National Reconstruction process, the electoral process by popularizing electoral techniques as well as during profound socio-political changes and other humanitarian crises;
  8. Consolidate peace through the prevention, management and peaceful resolution of conflicts in DR Congo as well as in the countries of the African Great Lakes sub-region, Central Africa and Southern Africa.




Here in the constitution of COJESKI/DRCongo, please find it here on the attachemnt ” statuts cojeski-1


This is legal permit which was granted by the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo which helps us to abide with all our legal duties, please find the docment here, ” Personnalité_Juridique_du_COJESKIx  


We also obtained the status of observer at the United Nations ECOSOC, please find the document here attached ” Statut_consultatif_sp+®cial_du_COJESKI-RDC_+á_l’ECOSOC,_juillet_2004


In order to expand our work, we also obtained the sonsultative status at the African Union Human Rights Commission, please find the document here attached, ” Statut d’observateur du COJESKI u00E0 la CADHP, Oct. 2002 (2)

COJESKI-DRC Coordination of North Kivu Strategic Plan

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