What we do?

What we do?

Vision: To see human dignity respected in its dimensions and to enjoy Democracy and durable peace for the development of the Democratic Republic of Congo,
Mission: To promote and defend positive human values, as well as Good Governance, Democracy and the consolidation of peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

COJESKI DRC has the following main thematic orientation
Human Rights: Human Rights awareness, documentation of human rights violations, legal assistance, Policy Analysis
Peace and Conflict Resolution: Peace education, dialogue, negotiation, non-violence, mediation,
Democracy: Civic education, leadership, participation, freedom of speech, access to information,
Good Governance: Transparency, Access to Justice, and Accountability,
Sustainable Development: Income Generating Activities, Infrastructure, Economy, Culture, Health and Education,
Humanitarian Actions: Emergency, Prevention of Natural Risks, Relief Aid, Settlement, Internally Displaced Persons, and Refugees,
Climate Change: Clean Environment, Planting of trees,  and the protection of bio-diversity,

All these are done through research, advocacy and lobbying.

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