Civic Engagement

This focuses on various citizens roles and responsibilities in order to participate in the management of their communities, their provinces and their country.

Citizenship Project

The Democratic Republic of Congo has been facing serious problems about the nation of citizenship and had put the country into wars over the years. For many citizenship is the matter of being a Congolese National and this has led some groups of people to resort to violence in order to claim Congolese citizenship, however no debate at all levels seems to exist in order to understand better the nation.

We believe that this project will help to share information and wider knowledge about citizenship and also clarify about Congolese Nationality which has been wrongly interpreted by politicians who want the country to be at war, many people have never read the article of the current Constitution about who is a Congolese, and such confused has pushed many to be manipulated. The current war in North Kivu by M23 backed by Rwanda is based on that confusion and political manipulation, as President Paul Kagame of Rwanda has many times claims he should support a group of people who think they are not Citizens of DRC in order to claim their citizenship. Many activities will be organized in order to share information.

KimpaVita Women Leadership in DRC

This project seeks to empower women and young girls to claim for leadership position in this society which is much chauvinistic, women and young girls remain to be always behind, in terms of leadership, in some cases depending on the good will of men to give them a space. In various opportunities of leadership at all levels even at the community level, women either they do not compete or just go for small positions. In the recent elections we were shocked by a small number of women candidates at all levels.

This project will put in place various activities which support women to join leadership at all levels and at the same time mitigate what is believed to be the consequences of women in leadership.

Civic Education

This will share knowledge and information about the roles and citizens in order to develop their country, and help the citizens to achieve their dream of a country they want to have. Most of the activities here will be exactly educative because generally people are ignorant.


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