Our Education will focus on the whole education needs including informal education, professional and education in emergency,

1. Formal Education

We are focusing on how to improve the whole education sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo from the infrastructure, the human resource, salaries, curriculum and the or leaders, this also involves the national policy on education. DRC is lacking a lot in terms of reforms in the education sector and also many actors have not yet invested in this including the government. The programme focuses on Access and Quality Education, Education in Emergency, Refugee Education and Early Childhood Education.

2. Informal Education

This information education much as it helps people to learn how to read and right, more attention is put on functionality in order to become active citizens and play roles at various levels. The informal education also focuses at the languages so that the learners may fully integrate the society and play a positive role at various levels where languages is a condition.

3. Recuperation Education

This is focused generally at young people who did not get opportunity for formal education, dropped out or were affected by wars and other problems, to go through this process and then integrate formal education.

4. Professional Development Education

Focuses on specific trainings which are needed in the communities and which people should have in order to fully develop their communities and the country at large.

5. Refugee Education

The Democratic Republic of Congo hosts millions of refugees in its territory who have never been at school and they remain behind in terms of community involvement, education for refugees is therefore one among the key issues for community integration and refugee development, we therefore have put aside this special programme to focus on specific education needs that affect refugees.


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