We interacted with 17 IDPs who were victims of looting by armed people in Rusayu IDP Camp around Goma

Many Internally Displaced Persons in Camps around Goma continue to be victims but this situation is not only limited to IDPs the host communities in Goma are also victims. The full French version of the report is here “RAPPORT DE DESCENTE SUR TERRAIN DE RUSAYO 1 GODELIVE ET FLORENCE DU 09 AVRIL 2024

IDP Camps are hosting various armed groups including the regular uncontrolled security services, who are targeting people generally at night. In Camps it is often the houses of IDPs which are being targeted and in most cases they are taking all what people have. The strategy is simple, more than 5 armed people come and fire live bullets in air in order to intimidate people and because it is also night, no one will come out. They enter into houses and take all they can find and disappear.

The Governor of North Kivu recently claimed that IDPs camps are secured at 90% which is not yet the case, the Governor has visited IDP Camps several times of the recent and promised to restore security but in vain. Questions are being asked about which power he may have in order to restore peace.

We deployed a team in the field Tuesday April 9th, 2024 and managed to identify 17 victims in Rusayu IDP Camps whose things were looted by armed people.

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