Training session on online fundraising and opportunities with GlobalGiving to small community organizations in Goma

Brief report on the session of online fundraising and opportunities with GlobalGiving for small youth organizations in Goma, the Democratic Republic of Congo

Participants during the training session on Friday April 5th,2024 at our offices

Background information

North Kivu is facing serious humanitarian crisis and local organizations are facing challenges to raise the needed funds in order to address the crisis. While some are limited with language barrier especially the challenge to speak English, others have challenges to access information about funding opportunities and others have limited access to internet.

We all know that local organizations have the effective solutions to community problems, however they are still limited to access funding. Young people are highly innovative and have ideas in order to respond to the community problems but they do not financial support and this makes their organizations to collapse or to fail to respond to needs.

Online fundraising

Presenting the objectives to participants

The first session for this year 2024 was held this Friday April 5th, 2024 at our offices and this enters into our work plan to promote and share opportunities with youth organizations. The training was done by Kulihoshi M Pecos the Provincial Coordinator of COJESKI North Kivu.

In total 26 people attended the training which started at 10am and ended at 1pm, the participants came from 18 organizations and two journalists from local media.

Key information was shared about online opportunities in order to mobilize funds and forums that offer online funding for various causes. Participants were encouraged to share ideas of various projects in their social media and also work on website for their organizations.

Then participants were introduced to GlobalGiving and opportunities related mobilizing funds through GlobalGiving for small organizations here in North Kivu, and accurate information about already organizations in Goma which are part of GlobalGiving which made the session more attractive and to the participants.

Kulihoshi Musiiami Pecos during the training on online fundraising

Questions were brought forward and clarification were made on different questions. The training session ended by recommendations from members which suggested regular meetings on this particular topic. The participants agreed to meet again in June 2024 in order to share knowledge.

More options are yet to explore and we need to do more in the field of fundraising

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