The United Nations Group of Experts Report confirmed Uganda support to M23 Rebels fighting in DRCongo

Finally the United Nations also have recognized the involvement of Uganda in the war in Eastern DRC by supporting M23

These are IDPs in Bulengo Camp waiting for Porridge

On Thursday June 13th, 2024 the Daily Monitor News Paper published an article about the report of the United Nations Team of Experts which draw the linkage between Uganda and M23 rebels fighting in eastern DRC now, the same report indicated that the veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda was the Coordinator of Uganda support to M23 rebels.

We are pleased that the United Nations picked interest in this and on top of that deployed a team to conduct investigations which have now revealed what we already knew since 2019. It was in 2019 when exactly M23 rebel group based in Uganda started the recruitment of Congolese refugees in Rwamwanja, KyakaII, Oruginga, Kyangwali and Nakivale refugee camps in Uganda, these recruitment continued until 2021 when the war started. We alerted the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) but the Agency kept silent until now. On contrary all Congolese Human Rights Defenders in Uganda who alerted about Uganda involvement were all threatened and forced to leave Uganda.

We greatly thank the United Nations for this great, and in the same way we thank all those who have been advocating for this which will now remove all doubt at all levels.

What next?

After this report we do expect now sanctions from the United Nations against Uganda and all individuals involved,

We expect also the withdraw of the refugee status to all those who are associated with the current war in eastern DRC and who are based in Uganda,

We expect the end of military operations between DRC and Uganda and the withdraw of DRC from the East Africa Community,

We expect the freeze of refugee aid to Uganda and to channel to all the victims in different IDP Camps in the Democratic Republic of Congo,

We expect a strong advocacy from various actors in order to hold Uganda responsible for the current humanitarian crisis in Eastern DRC,




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