The second story of the Rwandan refugee in Goma North Kivu: What they did not want us to know

The second reality of Rwandan refugees in Goma, North Kivu DRCongo


We are so proud that we are now here to share with what you did not know, thanks for your feedback especially those who have written to us and those who have contacted us on WhatsApp.

We remain the only organization of the Civil Society where you can get information and activities towards refugees. At first they told us that there were no refugees in DRC, secondly they told us that there were no Rwandan refugees in DRC, thirdly they told us that all Rwandan refugees in DRC were members of FDLR, now they are telling us that there are 165,000 Rwandan refugees in North Kivu, but still we do not believe them because they are deceiving us.

Nyamahirwe is one of Rwandan refugees living in Goma, since 1994 when she came as a young child she has never been registered by the government and UNHCR. She lives in Goma with eight children and she benefited from our livelihood activity which has helped her to do some business and get money to feed her children, she is also a single mother like so many others, she has tried several times to get registered as a refugee but in vain, on contrary she has been told to go back to Rwanda which she does not want.

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