The problem of DRC Delegation in Geneva: Rwandans included in the delegation and puts refugees at risks in DRCongo

Who represents the Democratic Republic of Congo at the Global Refugee Forum Summit in Geneva and what is the Delegation submitting about refugees in DRC? Why the presence of Rwandans in the DRC Delegation?

The first team of the DRC Delegation in Geneva with one Rwandan woman in the middle

Images we have received from Geneva of the DRC delegation to the summit have raised concerned and will obviously affect the relationship between actors and refugees. In case these images given to us by other refugees in Geneva are true, then there is a problem already which we must fix as quickly as possible.

So far we have received two pictures of the DRC delegation in Geneva which include two Rwandan women included in the DRC Delegation, on top of that there are also concerns about the identity of some refugee delegation from Uganda who claimed to be Congolese.

What is the problem of Rwandans in the DRC Delegation?

Generally the Democratic Republic of Congo is facing many problems around issues about Rwandan refugees generally, their number is unknown, they do not have documents and are not registered, and they have no access to relief aid and have been over the years massacred by Rwandan Army deployed in DRC. Most of the Rwandan Refugees in DRC are generally Hutus who came in 1994 up to now running away the current Rwanda regime dominated by Tutsis, in order to continue the influence on refugees Rwanda regime that controlled a whole part of DRC; Rwanda put in place various strategies including massacres, forced repatriation and various forms of killing against Hutus refugees. In the process also Rwanda put the current Congolese National Commission for Refugees known as CNR which is highly dominated either by Rwandans appointed by Rwanda or even other people working on behalf of Rwanda, it is the same with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR which simply became an implementing partner of Rwandan Foreign Policy against refugees which is based of discouraging refugee efforts to seek protection and force them to repatriate back to Rwanda which is considered as a paradise.

Can Rwandans work for the protection of Hutus refugees in DRC?

The second team of the delegation with a Rwandan woman right at the corner

No, as we have observed the problem which we should fix is at the decision making levels, exactly we have observed that wrong decisions against Hutus refugees are often taken and questions rotated around who are those who take decisions about the fate of refugees in DRC, what dictate decisions, and who are the beneficiaries of the decisions made and at what extend the decisions promote the protection of refugees, with these events in Geneva and other events we have been able to get information about the existence of Rwandans in the DRC Refugee Regime, who are considered as the main decision makers.

The question of ethnicity is a condition in order to work on refugee issues in DRC followed by the political tendency, those who are viewed as friends to Rwanda may not do much in the field to support refugees. We also observe that through these people within DRC Refugee Regime Rwanda has been able to get all necessary information about refugees, especially those who should be repatriated, those who should be assassinated, those who should be abducted, those who should be exposed to forced disappearance and those who should be massacred, with this also Rwanda has continue to claim that refugees are danger to the regime in Rwanda.

Urgent reforms are needed in DRC refugee regime

In order to abide with her international obligations towards the protection of refugees, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees should undertake urgent reforms of changing the staffs, changing the policies and put in place measures that ensure the effective protection of refugees.




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