The launch of the Forum of Journalists for Forced Migrants in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Launching the Forum of Journalists for Forced Migrants in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Journalists during their meeting on Saturday at our offices in Goma

As usual most of projects we are developing on forced migrants’ issues in DRC are unique and new. In 2021 we started observing some journalists picking interests in various refugees’ issues and initiating themselves interviews with refugees in Goma but also some participated in our various media briefing. However the Democratic Republic of Congo is also facing the challenge with Internally Displaced Persons and the survivors of the various disasters.

Not much is known about all these categories of people at local, national and international levels, in order to challenge this and push DRC at the international levels on these issues we have initiated this Journalists Forum with the following objectives:

To create a strong movement of people in media specialized of issues affecting forced migrants in DRC,

To provide the audience at all levels with accurate information and ensure that people are fully informed so that DRC does not remain behind,

To create a space for free expression of all forced migrants in DRC,

The meeting on Saturday

The meeting which started at 8:40 am brought together 16 journalists from different media groups, and two others sent their apologies, while two did not come. Most of those who attended have covered our various activities on refugees.


During the meeting the participants resolved to create a Forum of Journalists that will focus on forced migrants’ issues,

The meeting also resolved to put in place a Committee which saw the election of five (5) being voted, among them the chairperson, the secretary, the treasurer, the welfare and the mobiliser.

The target of this project

This project will target primarily all categories of forced migrants mainly refugees in DRC, Internally Displaced Persons in DRC, survivors of disasters in DRC, and Congolese refugees in various countries in the world.


The Forum for Journalists is one among other projects COJESKI North Kivu has put in place in order to advance the effective protection of forced migrants in DRC.


This project like other projects is also seeking funding in order to continue,


Kulihoshi Musikami Pecos

Programme Officer

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