The Candidates we shall vote in DRC should include refugees and IDPs in their programmes for the next 5 years

The Candidates we are going to vote for during these general elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Apart from the general promises candidates are making on various issues in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we are looking for candidates who will show strong commitment towards issues around forced migrants.

As individuals in the organization we are citizens of this country, we shall fulfill our duty to elect some candidates, however those who will attract our vote should demonstrate the following:

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs):

Put in place the Management Team composed of IDPs themselves,

Promote transparency and accountability in the whole aid relief,

Make the Government of DRC the lead in all interventions towards IDPs,

Introduce Development Activities to IDPs,

Promote peace and the end of war,

Put in place a technical team that will only focus on issues of IDPs,

Refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo:

Introduce a new law for refugees in DRC,

Replace all staffs of the National Commission for Refugees,

Advocate for the grant of the refugee status to all asylum seekers in DRC, and for settlements to all refugees,

Change the CNR to National Direction for Refugees (NDR-DRC),

Put in place a national policy on the management of refugees,

Promote refugee rights and the participation of refugees in their affairs,

Commit for accountability and transparency in the whole relief aid to refugees,

Promote durable solutions to refugees,

Congolese refugees in different countries:

Promote their return,

Put in place various interventions for those who return back home,

Advocate for their rights and well-being,

Intervene for them when they are in difficult situation,

Engage the International Community for lasting and durable solutions for them,

Work with resettlement countries to prioritize the needs of Congolese refugees,

We call upon all our members, organization members and all people of good will to support and vote for candidates that will include all these issues in their program during the next five (5) years when they will be in power.


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