Speech during the Concert in Bulengo IDP Camp to create awareness of the current humanitarian crisis in Goma

 Speech during the Religious Concert to support Internally Displaced Persons in Goma, North Kivu the Democratic Republic of Congo who are facing the current humanitarian crisis caused by the war: IPDs need justice but not acts of mercy out of good will, attachment here ” Our speech during the concert in Bulengo Goma


Collecting things from homes in order to help IDPs

The current war of M23 rebels backed by Rwanda has pushed over 7 million people in Internally Displaced Camps, Goma which is considered as safe hosts more than 3miliions IDPs, however this town has been cut off its main roads for agricultural provisions supply, the poor are feeling the pinch of the situation.

We are engaged in various actions of advocacy towards the end of the war so that people can go back to their villages, however it should be the lasting solution and not temporal as it has been before over the years, we are aware that for the last 30 years people have been in displacement and that should end now. We are also involved in reducing poverty which we believe is connected to this vulnerability and destitution in IDPs Camps, those who were already vulnerable and living in misery in their villages are the most affected in camps currently. So for us it is not only for you to go back but also to reduce poverty in your villages so that you may live a dignified life.

Our presence here is to be with you and send a clear message that in your current plight you are not alone, for us to be here it has taken us now 6 months thinking about what we should do, we are still yes a minority of people thinking how best we can also bring our part of contribution in order to improve your lives. Our presence may not be to solve the problems you are facing but rather to show the world how you are abandoned, ignored and not taken care of just because you were born in a village which has minerals, just because your house was built on minerals, we are here to tell the world that there is a humanitarian crisis here and efforts should be done now for solutions. It is not only about hunger, diseases, psychological problems, shelter, education, income generating activity which are the issues you are struggling with but also insecurity in camps caused sometimes by the very people who are supposed to protect and offer you security, sometimes this is done in total impunity, and this continues despite the assurance from the Provincial Authorities to remove all armed people in IDP Camps. We hope that with these activities the DRC Government may become more active to ensure that you may live here in peace before you go back to your villages, our presence is to tell you that we are concerned.

We are also coming here to amplify your murmuring about the embezzlement of the existing relief aid by the very people who are supposed to ensure you get it and this is done in total impunity, the opacity in which the existing aid is handled, in which you are denied information, excluded in the decision making and your voice does not count. We are fully frustrated like you to observe that a handful people beneficiary of this very relief aid live in abundance with a lot to waste just because they handle the aid while you are living in destitution with a lot to want just because you are not in contact with donors.

Aide to you should be an act of justice and not a mere humanitarian gesture, or act of charity out goodwill, and efforts should be done to ensure that even your misery is not exploited to make some people rich while you sink into destitution as we are observe it. At the end of the month you get 10kg of food while local aid workers get hundreds of dollars, international aid workers get thousands of dollars every month, and a vehicle for a humanitarian organization has a better fixed budget than a human being in this camp.

Our presence here today is to denounce the indifference of more than 100 million Congolese composed of 85% of Christians who have not paid attention to your problems, and who have betrayed the message of Christ the Social, we are frustrated like you that very few religious leaders talk about your situation during their sermons. We are here express your feeling when you see your leaders enjoying life in expensive hotels, going to holidays, being treated in Europe when they are sick, sending their children to study outside the country yet you the voters who put them into power are living in destitution and despair. Like you we are wondering when this end will. The leaders who are supposed to give us solutions continue telling us to be patient, could those who preach about patience come and live here for a while and then tell us how long they can endure this life.

Our presence here today is to amplify your frustration towards your fellow Congolese who at this particular moment when we are here, for them they are enjoying life, we are here to express that pain you feel when you see other Congolese posting pictures on social media enjoying life yet you have nothing to eat in the evening, we are here to express that feeling and anger you carry when you move in the streets of Goma in the evening and see others drinking and eating nice food while you have not yet eaten since morning and you are not sure if you will eat in the evening.

Only solidarity with you will end this, we stand in solidarity with.


Kulihoshi Musikami Pecos

Human Rights Defender, Specialized in Refugee Rights in the Great Lakes Region,

Coordinator of COJESKI North Kivu

Tel: +243853191163, Email: cojeskinordkivu@gmail.com




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