Report on our activities in Lushagala IDP Camp on Sunday June 30th 2024: Debriefing activities with IDPs

Here is the report of the activity in Lushagala IDP Camp ” Lushagala IDP Camp Report June 30th

On Sunday June 30th, 2024 we again held various activities in Internally Displaced Persons Camps of Lushagala around Goma, North Kivu the Democratic Republic of Congo. While our attention is on creating awareness about the current humanitarian crisis in North Kivu, the pacific cohabitation between IDPs and the host communities, we also engaged in providing relief aid to those in camps who are in dire situations.

While we encourage the current humanitarian aid, highly regret the lack of activities which aim at psychological support to those already affected by the war, and the lack of economic development of people which are the basis of the current disparities among people. Our interventions are looking at all these challenges and have come up with activities to focus on that in the process.

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