Report of the first Festival in Goma to raise funds for IDPs in North Kivu/DRCongo

Brief Report on the first Festival to raise money to support Internally Displaced Persons in Goma, the Democratic Republic of Congo

Artists during their performance at Himbi Village in Goma

In 2021 the M23 rebel group backed by Rwanda launched a war in North Kivu the Democratic Republic of Congo, this war has since forced more than 3 million people to leave their homes in order to seek shelter in Goma which is believed to be under the control of the Government. The United Nations have estimated that more than 1,800,000 people are living in Camps both in Goma and around Goma, others who remain unknown by the United Nations are living with their relatives in their homes in Goma. Their presence has increased pressure to the families that have welcomed them especially when resources are not enough but also there is a high competition in Goma access public services.

On top of that, thousands of those in Camps have stayed there without relief aid despite efforts from humanitarian organizations. The situation of IDPs in Goma and in other parts in North Kivu does not attract so much neither the DRC Government nor the International Community who have both remained silent, the mainstream media is almost absent and various actors on social media seem not much preoccupied by this humanitarian crisis.

On ground there are less voices from various actors’ especially influential people who can drive social change towards this crisis. It is on ground that a Group of Artists in Goma came together to raise their voices against this indifference and mobilize funds.

The First Festival for IDPs in Goma

The lady slamer presenting her piece about the situation of IDPs

Local artists and more generally those who are less known to the general public came together putting their talents on ground in order to tell others and the entire world that there is a problem which we must all focus on in order to solve.

The Festival which took place on Saturday April 27th, 2024 at a place known as Himbi Village in Goma started at exactly 3pm and brought together 15 various youth groups each group with something to show as talent. The Entrance was fixed at only 1$ Dollar and this is the money which will be distributed to affected people. Among the Artists we also had those who are IDPs, and a box was placed there for donations from the audience.

The Poet on the situation of IDPs which touched the participants

We are so much happy that for the first time young people demonstrated what they can do in order to promote solidarity with IDPs and had to sacrifice their time and energy for this cause. We were also pleased by the presence of a considerable number of people among them they have not yet much aware about IDPs. The fact that hundreds of people put side what they were supposed to do and sat for three (3) hours listening and watching artists was enough to attract their attention.

More activities will follow in order to reach a wider audience and to engage people at all levels to show acts of solidarity towards IDPs but also put in place actions which may focus on peace in eastern DRCongo.

Our activities are not funded and rely on the contributions of well-wishers, on people like you. So please join us in this cause and share with us the little you may have.


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