Report of the field work in various IDP Camps around Goma the Democratic Republic of Congo

The original French version of this report is attached hereMONITORING SUR LES CAMPS DE DEPLACES INTRERNES FINAL

This report was initiated in order to verify claims from the authorities especially the Governor of North Kivu who indicated that IDP Camps were secured at 90% around Goma.

We observed security progress in Bulengo IDP Camp, however we also noticed that Rusayu One IDP Camp was highly unsecured and was invaded by armed people who are believed to be government soldiers and in the process they use their guns in order to perpetrate various human rights violations against IDPs.

We also noticed the lack of relief aid to IDPs and in some cases unclear information about the existing relief aid which has created suspicions among IDPs. For example IDPs are supposed to get items equivalent to 118 $ USA but what they get is less than 50$, in other cases a family of 9 people only four or five access aid.


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