Report of the field work during visits to women we support financially in Goma DRCongo

Charcoal produced by refugee women in Goma

Despite the current humanitarian crisis in North Kivu in General and in Goma in particular, this town of Goma which hosts millions of Internally Displaced Camps currently, and the town which is currently cut off from its main roads which supply food and other basic needs to millions of people in Goma, this tiwn which many activities are highly affected and where people are only forced to operate within the town. How are these refugee women and other women from the host communities who benefit from our financial support are adapting to the situation, how are their businesses affected, how best can we continue supporting them so that they can resist to the shock, which ideas do they have, please find our brief report here attached with the necessary photos ” Refugee Income Generating Report March 2024

Good enough these women continue to be resilient and have developed other better ideas which can face the current challenges, however they need our support.


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