Report of the Activities of June 2024 focusing on IDPs and Refugees

June Activity Report

Kindly find the report here attached ” ACTIVITY REPORT JUNE 2024 CONJESKI NORTH KIVU

IDP children in Lushagala during a moral activity where a Pastor was preaching them the word of God before we offered them porridge.

With the current humanitarian crisis in North Kivu, the Democratic Republic of Congo through the promotion of other activities which are not covered by the Humanitarian Aid Agencies such as the mental health of IDPs, the relief aid to the most vulnerable groups who are not covered by agencies, the pacific cohabitation between IDPs and host communities, and the desire to share with our audience the necessity to promote self-reliance activities which we believe are the real solutions to the current IDPs crisis through Income Generating Activities.

We also got involved in advocacy for peace and security in IDP Camps and also managed to carry various activities for the promotion of peace in Beni and Lubero which are facing massacres from ADF terrorist group.

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