Reaction to the speech of DRCongo Minister during the funeral services of 35 IDPs massacred by Rwanda

Reaction of COJESKI NORTH KIVU to the almost empty speech without security reassurance delivered by the Delegation of the Central Government of the DRC represented by His Excellency Fabrice Puela Minister of Human Rights and Representative of the Congolese Head of State during the funeral of the massacred people by the bombs from Rwanda to Goma in the IDP camps.

Activists at the Funeral of the 35 IDPs who were massacred in Camps in Goma by Rwandan Army, the burial took place on Wednesday May 15th, 2024 in Goma.

We followed with desolation the speech of His Excellency Fabrice Puela Minister of Human Rights and Representative of the Congolese Head of State during the funeral of 35 people massacred by Rwanda’s bombs on Congolese Territory targeting vulnerable Internally Displaced Persons in Camps. If this had happened in Israel, part of Rwanda would already be occupied, without even asking the opinion of the International Community, which is increasingly becoming a pretext for the Congolese Government not to protect its population.

We recall that since November and December 2023 when the nation called us to vote its leaders, we campaigned for the Sacred Union of the Nation which we considered carrying on a social contract with the highest bidder especially with regard to security and the protection of the Congolese population.

Official Burial Ceremony at the Unity Stadium in Goma, DRC

While President Felix Tshisekedi Tshilombo owes us security, territorial integrity, and the protection of populations and their property, and above all to put in place measures which ensure the non-repetition of crimes, it does not seem obvious that the Internally Displaced People around Goma are no longer victims of the barbarity of the Rwandan Army, our security, our protection seems to depend on the goodwill of the Rwandan Army instead of the capacity of the Congolese Government to protect and secure us. Approaches of justice at all levels and the convictions that the Congolese Government seems to advocate are neither remotely nor ready a solution to the security of the Congolese people, this approach further moves away from the promises of the Head of State Congolese during Campaigns for the Elections in December 2023, which we thought he should respect so as not to further frustrate this population.

We remind the Head of State that in December 2023 we opted for his program of waging war with Rwanda, and not his Diplomacy and Convictions which he seems to use currently does not produce any solution to the problem and the crisis that we are going through but which only benefits the enemy to destabilize us.

The COJESKI/DRC Coordination of North Kivu thus plans to consult its members to evaluate the applicability of the contract signed between the Head of State and the Congolese population, especially in matters of Defense and Security, to identify a position to follow.


The North Kivu Coordination.

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