Putting on hold our sit-in at the UNHCR Goma office in order to give space for dialogue

Press release on the postponement of the sit-in at the UNHCR Goma Office

The Collective of Youth Organizations for Solidarity in DRC known as COJESKI/RDC, Coordination of North Kivu brings to the attention of member organizations in particular and the Congolese population in general the desire to postpone the Sit-in planned at the UNHCR Goma Office on Monday, November 27 2023 for a later date.

This comes following ongoing discussions with the authorities in place to reach a consensus on the participation of the DRC in the Global Refugee Forum Summit in December 2023.

Being committed to promoting dialogue as the preferred means of our advocacy on the refugee situation and many actions that attract our attention, we remain determined to promote active advocacy through peaceful actions.

We bring to the knowledge that all issues related to refugees on Congolese soil and Congolese refugees in several countries around the world are among our priorities, and for this we will continue to advocate for their rights.

We highly regret the attitude of UNHCR which seems to listen when people threatens to demonstrate and regret that UNHCR does have strategies in place that can favor interactions, discussions, information sharing and dialogue with all the concerned parties.


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