Proposed activities of advocacy for DRC participation in the Global Refugee Forum

Proposed activities of Advocacy for the effective participation of refugees, host communities, civil society organizations and the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the Summit of the Global Refugee Forum organized by UNHCR in Geneva in December 2023. FOR THE ORIGINAL FRENCH VERSION OPEN HERE “Activités proposées de plaidoyer pour la participation effective des Réfugiés


To advocate for the effective participation of DRC in the Forum and highlight key refugee issues,

Focus point

The situation of refugees in DRC and also the situation of Congolese in various countries especially in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and South Africa among others,


General public at all levels, community, national, regional and international,


To mobilize the public for the effective protection of refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo,

To highlight particular issues which affect the lives of refugees in DRC,

To mobilize refugees, host communities and stakeholders on changing the attitudes towards refugees,

To bring high the situation of refugees in DRC in various discussions at the Global Refugee Forum in Geneva,

Meeting with key journalists

On Friday October 13th, a strategic meeting will be held in order to identify key media companies and journalists who will cover all our events at local, provincial, national, regional and international levels,

On Saturday October 14th, a meeting of organizations members of the refugee thematic group will be held in order to approve this action plan and to mobilize the funds,

On Monday October 16th, a meeting with refugees in order to select vocal refugees who will represent others will be organized among refugees in Goma,

On Tuesday October 17th, a consultation meeting will be held bringing together different actors of the Civil Society in North Kivu and in DRC to reflect of actions to be taken, the same Tuesday a letter to call for the first sit-in at UNHCR will be addressed to the Mayor of Goma,

On Thursday October 19th, a press conference on various refugee issues at ISC at 9am,

On Tuesday 24th, October Public Debate on the consequences of the absence of DRC in the Global Refugee Summit, at 9am,

On Friday 27th October refugee and host communities exchange in Goma,

On 6th November 2023 Sit-in at UNHCR Offices starting at 8am up to 3pm,

On Monday 13th November Public Demonstration against UNHCR in Goma and elsewhere,

Thursday 23rd November Public Prayer and Meditation on the situation of refugees in DRC,

Tuesday 28th November visiting some refugee families around Goma and interactions with members of the host communities,

Tuesday 4th December online Zoom meeting on the situation of refugees in DRC and Congolese refugees outside DRC, French,

Thursday 6th December online zoom meeting on the situation of refugees in DRC in English, and the launch of a Petition,

From 12th – 15th participating in online sessions at the Global Refugee Summit,

On Tuesday 18th December evaluation and proposing other actions,

On Monday 25th December Christmas lunch together with vulnerable refugees around Goma,

End of the first round of actions, and plan to meet again in February for the second round of actions,


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