Press statement on the DRCongo Prime Minister Visit in North Kivu to listen and show solidarity with people

Our reaction to the DRC Premier Minister visit to North Kivu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We are concerned by the move at this time when the whole file is on table, already people are dying, at this time when actors are rushing to meet the Prime Minister already some people in IDPs Camps have died, at the time we are in a debate, arguments and meetings, IDPs are dying and yet they will not come up on this earth anymore to enjoy what we discussed.

STORYPIC IDP children waiting for porridge during our distribution in Bulengo which was prepared by Armee du Ciel Choir

As the Prime Minister implements the Government Policy, we seem to be surprised by being informed that she came for compassion with the people in North Kivu and to learn something, as she indicated that the file is already on her table. While on moral level compassion and solidarity are important as a Prime Minister we expect her to take actions which ensure that people are protected and secured, we are wondering how many times this government will come for compassion, will bury the dead and will fail to take actions, we are also wondering who else does the Prime Minister want to share with her which we did not share with the Government, the demands of the people are known and the role of the government is also known.

It is more than 3 years that North Kivu Province is now partly under the control of M23 rebels backed by Rwanda but the only response from the Government is coming to learn more, show compassion and informing that the file is on the table instead of evaluating government actions. We are wondering all actors of the Civil Society who spent hours at the Governor’s office waiting for the Prime Minister what new and innovative ideas did they share with her which they believe have not yet reached the government and which commitments did they get from the Prime Minister that this time what they said will be implemented and which may be different from the various promises we have heard.

In and around Goma, Internally Displaced Persons are living in dire conditions, every morning, midday and evening there are children knocking on people’s doors asking for help, some are collecting things in durst beans in order to eat, some are dying of hunger and other curable diseases . During the time when we are confronted by this ugly reality, thousands of dollars are spent by the Prime Minister to come just to listen to us yet this information she is looking she can still get it from her offices and that money used for mission and travels can feed some IDPs, and at the same time in Kinshasa it appears to them important to send more than 22 people for a trip in Canada on the cost of people’s taxes when thousands of IDPs are left in the hands of the International Community.

We are extremely concerned by the manner the current DRC Government is using the public funds which seem to be in the hands of the few, it is now three years since the barbaric M23 backed by Rwanda has existed in North, we are wondering how many more years they will take so that the government may wake up and face it, three years now Internally Displaced Persons are abandoned in the hands of UNHCR, WFP, IOM and other International Organizations and in order to abuse us the European Union has requested for negotiations between DRC and Rwanda because it is the second donor for humanitarian aid in DRCongo. It becomes a shame that a rich country like DRC is a recipient of relief aid, this country needs development support.

We may not continue in this way, and change is needed in our ways of doing. Those who are dying of hunger, diseases, guns and all the consequences of wars will not come back and they crying for justice but we have remained indifferent. At time move, we continue sinking in confusion, it is not clear what is the government directive in relation to this war, we do not know if we are in negotiations and even we are wondering what we should negotiate with Rwanda as even those who call for negotiations have never told us what to negotiate, we do not know if we are preventing the progress of M23 backed by Rwanda yet they keep progressing without resistance, and if we are in offensive against M23.

Kulihoshi Musikami Pecos, Coordonateur Provincial du COJESKI

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