Press Statement: Calling upon the release of General Bruno Mpenzo detained in Kinshasa

Press release on the arrest of General Bruno Mpenzo Commander of the 34th Military Region of North Kivu currently in detention in Kinshasa: General Bruno Mpenzo should not be sacrificed at the Altar to satisfy the appetites of President Paul Kagame

According to the press release from the FARDC Spokesperson, General Bruno Mpenzo was arrested for collaboration with the FDLR and mismanagement of the resources at his disposal. However, the video of his trial seems to indicate that he would be arrested for embezzlement of US$20,000.

Aware of his struggle and commitment to secure this province and his efforts which contributed to controlling the M23/RDF as well as the improvement of security in the city of Goma, we suspect the hand of Rwanda in this matter to weaken our Army and thus allow the M23 to progress as we currently observe. We are very concerned by the Rwandan statements amplified by the FARDC Spokesperson about the FDLR that Rwanda uses to justify the war against us. We reiterate our position that the FDLR are refugees seeking protection from which the Congolese Government has an international obligation to ensure their protection and security against the barbarity of Rwanda.

Considering that the accusation of embezzlement of $20,000 would be degrading treatment towards General Bruno and especially that his presence in North Kivu is urgently desired by part of the Population, we ask:

The immediate and unconditional release of General Brunon Mpenzo and his emergency assignment to North Kivu to continue operations against the M23/RDF,

The immediate change of the entire Defense chain and operations for the eastern zone of the DRC,

We ask for the mobilization of all Actors at each level to save the life of Bruno Mpenzo so that he cannot suffer the rise of Mamadu Ndala, because of his loyalty to the defense of the country,


The coordination


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