Organizing the very first General Assembly in order to elect the leaders of the network

Since COJESKI/DRC, Coordination was established in 1998, up to now the organization did not have structures and all actors were appointed contrary to the constitution of the entire COJESKI/RDC, as a provincial Coordination we are part of the National COJESKI/DRC Network but we enjoy the privilege to organize ourselves independently from COJESKI/DRC at National Level and this part of the COJESKI/DRC Constitution that grants autonomy to provinces.

In order to solve some of the internal challenges the network is facing, we opted to have in place legitimate leaders who will help the organization to grow and achieve its goals.

We expect at least 20 organizations and other youth initiatives to take part in the coming elections which will be held in January 6th, 2024. The General Assembly will elect 7 members of the Provincial Board of Directors, and 7 members of the Provincial Coordination, and then both teams will put in place the administration.

Here is the COMMUNIQUE which calls upon members to get prepared.

Memo to members
Our best Christmas wishes and Happy New Year 2024 to everyone.
We thank those who renewed their membership status and those who expressed interest in joining COJESKI/RDC Coordination of North Kivu.
We ask all member organizations and associations to come to the COJESKI North Kivu Office to propose suggestions in relation to the preparation of a General Assembly to vote on the Animators of the Provincial Coordination and the final Provincial Board of Administration.
We encourage other organizations and associations who want to be members to contact us before the General Assembly which will be well organized.


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