Open Debate on the decriminalization of Abortion in Goma-DRCongo March 28th 2024

We are proud to bring this debate forward in order to save lives of women in Goma, the reality is that every moment there is information of a woman who has died due to unsafe abortion, a woman who has severe health complication due to unsafe abortion and other risks which are deliberately put on the shoulders of women by the society either in the name of God through our religious or in the name of our culture, and some times in the name of knowledge.

Let us start the conversation together and amplify what we are already doing, welcome to our public debate on March 28th, 2024 the Global Day of Actions to decriminalize Abortion. For the first time in Goma, more than 30 women and men will engage in an open debate at our offices and exchange on issues around abortion, with the objective to reduce stigma.

Decriminalize Abortion, Reduce Abortion Stigma. No woman should die of unsafe abortion in Goma anymore. Let us save the life of a woman in Goma- DRCongo


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