Online Information on fundraising focusing on small organizations and opportunities with GlobalGiving

Information session on online fundraising through GlobalGiving targeting youth small associations based in North Kivu in general and in Goma in particular

The participants on the training of Tuesday

The information session on online fundraising targeted small organizations which have already registered and approved by GlobalGiving in Goma in order to prepare them to fully capitalize the GlobalGiving Bonus Day on July 10th, 2024.

Sometimes small efforts can become big and one person can bring a positive change in the community. By last year 2023 only one organization in Goma was registered on GlobalGiving, this year 2024 we made this one among our activities, despite challenges we are also facing, we have organized now five (5) information sessions, and now a total number of eight (8) small organizations have subscribed to GlobalGiving.


While North Kivu Province is confronted to the current humanitarian crisis, there are already small initiatives at the Community Levels which should be strengthen and supported to address community problems, some among these are youth and women groups, associations and organizations.

But most of all these initiatives are affected with funding in order to continue doing their work, that is why we came with the idea of online fundraising as alternative solution to challenge this gab, we are much aware that it may not be the final solution, few people if none here know that they can mobilize funds from Internet, beyond of that there is also a need to train people in the effective use of social media and internet.

Despite the existing challenges, some organizations have already submitted their documents and have been approved by Globalgiving which gives them opportunity to mobilize funds online.

Our objective for this year 2024 is to share information to as many organizations as possible and to have at least 50 local organizations registered by GlobalGiving and engaging on online fundraising for their various initiatives.

The information session on Tuesday July 2nd, 2024 brought together 10 representatives from six organizations who are now active on Globalgiving, and two other new organizations which wanted also to learn more about online fundraising. The information session was facilitated by Kulihoshi Musikami Pecos, the Provincial Coordinator of COJESKI North Kivu. Much as the attention was put on various opportunities offered by GlobalGiving also other flexible online fundraising opportunities were shared to participants.  The session took two hours and participants asked many questions including issues around access to internet, the language barrier and building a wider audience in order to raise funds.

Participants also observed that the current directive from the Minister of Justice to cancel the F92 document which has been used by many organizations and churches is likely to affect many small associations which may not have money to get the new registration document.

We also observed that internet is extremely expensive in DRC which may limit some small initiatives, the lack of computers and as we said the language barrier are part of the challenges ahead of us now.

However these information sessions will continue throughout this year especially for small organizations based in Goma, until time comes when we can offer strong fundraising training sessions which may cover the whole North Kivu.


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