Music Festival this Sunday June 30th in Lushagala IDP Camp in Goma DRCongo focusing on children and young people

The independence of the Democratic Republic of Congo on June 30th, 2024: We decided to be with Internally Displaced Persons children of Lushagala in Goma

No one talks about how Internally Displaced Persons are affected psychologically not only by the war but also by the dire conditions in Camps, nobody talks about what they think about their future and their lives, nobody talks about the to inspire them hope and resilience, but also using available opportunities in order to survive. This is part of what we want to promote in Lushagala IDP Camp.

On this Sunday June 30th, 2024 together with our member organization Radixplor which is promoting young people through talents and skills, we shall be in Lushagala IDP Camp in various activities which will bring together IDPs Artists alongside upcoming Artists in Goma for a Music Show.


The very first activity will be to cook Porridge for malnourished IDP Children in the Camp, this will be done the whole morning and then a Music Show the whole afternoon in which children will sing, dance and play.

This is our last Porridge Activity with IDP Children in Bulengo Camp in Goma in order to reduce malnutrition among children.


To promote leisure activities in order to fight depression and other psychological problems caused by displacement,

To build esteem among IDPs and help them to dream for a better life,

Advocating for development activities as response to the current situation of IDPs alongside relief aid,

Providing a space for IDP Artists to express themselves and show their talent to the public as a way of their promotion,

Reduce malnutrition among IDP Children and alert the public about the danger of malnutrition in this IDP Camp,

Through this we also to you to support our fundraising for IDPs in and around Goma, please donate generously, amplify also this on your social media, let your audience know, speak for these IDPs now.

We humbly thank all those who have supported our causes on GlobalGiving especially MoneyGram and all the staffs of MoneyGram, and each individual donations from each person, thank you so much for being part of us. We are proud of you.


While we are hearing more about how the situation is complicated, we are pleased to share with you that it is possible to solve some of these community problems in Goma, the Democratic Republic of Congo

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