More than 40 people died in a landslide in Bukavu-DRC after a heavy rain: We all know that people are at risks

Again another flooding in Bukavu that has claimed the lives of over 40 people and left other survivors in order to increase the number of the victims in Bukavu, South Kivu, the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the night of Wednesday December 27th, 2023. When will these affected families have a shelter? No one knows

With the heavy rains, with people living in risky places in various places in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with the current situation whereby disaster is not among the key priorities of the Government and no one is talking about prevention and preparedness, the population is always exposed to risks and as usual we do expect severe consequences each year. We feel offended to observe that we have seen people at risks, we observe powerlessly people being exposed to danger, we know that people will be affected but we have nothing much we can do, on top of that now watch in tears the plight of the victims and after a while that scenario, we intend to forget and come back to normal life, yet we are aware that in the next time, we shall observe another disaster.

As usual and as we expected it, this time Bukavu again was hit, by the land slide after a heavy rain which affected more than 40 people who lost their lives and more than 100 homeless now. This was not a surprise because many people in Bukavu are living in places where are proper for habitation and living, but also it is not clear how do people come and build in those places with the silence from local authorities.

And as this heavy rain come until the end of next year, we do expect more disasters, so far it is not only in Bukavu but also other places in DRC have been affected since the raining started in September 2023.

While we are engaged to offer urgent relief aid to the survivors, we need a lot of work in terms of prevention, this will need working with the local authorities and the Government to come up with policies and strong measures to stop people from building in dangerous places.

As per now, we are still crying and more tears are still expected until we all wake up and make this one among the priorities. The DRCongo is hit by a series of Internally Displaced Persons caused by wars, natural disasters and the Volcano among others.


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