Meeting with students at the University of Florida USA for internship opportunities in DRCongo on refugee issues

Zoom Meeting with students at the University of Florida in the United States of America on the internship opportunities in the Democratic Republic of Congo focusing on refugees.

Zoom meeting with some students at the University of Florida

While DRC generates a big number of refugees who are living in variously countries especially neighboring countries, at the same time DRC hosts millions of refugees and asylum seekers from neighboring countries who needs to be helped and support in their struggle for protection.

On Thursday January 18th, 2024 we held a meeting with the students at the University of Florida in order to look at various opportunities that exist in order to volunteer in the Democratic Republic of Congo looking into the situation of refugees. The one hour interactive meeting focused on what students can do once they are in DRC, what are the challenges refugees are facing in which the students can help to solve, and why interns are important for us and in this field.

We had enough time to respond to the questions of the students, and hope that their presence in DRC will be the very first venture in this field of refugees and will play a significant role towards the solutions to refugee problems in DRC.

We shared with the background on situation of refugees in DRC, the current situation of refugees and what we would like to see the situation look like in the future. Apart from advocacy activities which are needed at local, provincial, national, regional and international, there is also an urgent need to focus on life-saving activities for refugees in terms of protects ranging from the education, health, livelihood activities, peace and conflict resolution, legal services, counselling, among others.

We also reviewed some of ongoing activities in which the students can be involved here in Goma, DRC.

We thank so much our partners at the University for this Great Work, we believe that one way to protect the protection of refugees in DRC is also through sharing experience with others and engaging with different people.


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