Letter to the consulate of Kenya in Goma: tell us the clear position of Kenya towards M23 rebels

What is the position of the Republic of Kenya in the current war in Eastern DRCOngo? Is the President William Ruto supporting M23 rebels in DRC?

STORYPIC of Internally Displaced Persons in Bulengo during the our Religious Concert

With the presence of William Ruto as the President of Kenya, things seem to have changed and Kenya is now perceived as one among countries supporting rebels of M23, not only that the rebel President Corneil Nanga enjoyed the protection of Kenya in order to announce his movement during a Press Conference in Nairobi, the failure of the Easter African Community Forces to fight against M23, and the recent media statements of Kenya President William Ruto in when he was in the United States of America are a serious concerns to the entire Congolese people.

Over the years Kenya has also hosted those fighting in eastern DRC and have enjoyed the security of the country as refugees, but now the situation has become more unclear of the recent with William Ruto, who is perceived by many Congolese as Nilotique very close to Rwanda in the spirit of brotherhood.

Due to these unclear positions, even peace processes in DRC which were held in Nairobi seem to be abandoned, and no one in DRC is willing to be so much associated with Kenya, on risk to be perceived as collaborating with the rebels.

Yet Kenya has huge investment in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and as country with may not accept that our money should be taken away by those who are supporting the rebels, and fuel atrocities, it is on this way that we have written letters to Kenya Consulate in Goma in order to seek for interaction but they have not yet responded up to now despite the promises.

On the same way we want to interact on the Diplomatic and political solutions which are advanced by some political actors as the solution to M23. We want someone to help us to understand what political approaches which should be done and which ones are new which have never been done.

The political solutions to the current DRC crisis is the approach advanced by all those who support M23 and who are close to Rwanda which is primarily intervening on the side of the rebels. But what do they propose exactly, what is political which should compromised.


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