Is this what Volker Turk could have done in Goma the Democratic Republic of Congo

The visit of the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner in Goma, the Democratic Republic of Congo yesterday Wednesday April 17th, 2024 has left us with so many wonders and concerns about this visit really. In his Press Conference according to the local media he stated ” I came here because I have the feeling that the situation here has been ignored by the international community”,

How can a human rights defender become an Humanitarian Relief Aid Agent? We do agree with him, the fact is that this crisis has been forgotten and more efforts need to be done in order to bring to the table of discussions at the international level, but one among the powers he has and which he could have used was to document human rights violations and hold the perpetrators accountable.

So far even for the visit we can see a clear divisions between what people mainly the IDPs wants mainly the end of the war so that they can go back to their homes and what actors at the international level want mainly relief aid to the victims.

At this particular time most of IDPs are in dire situation lacking the minimum relief aid, the presence of Volker would have been to question about the management of the available relief aid, the security of of IDPs in Camps and the accountability to those involved in this war.


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