Invitation to our very first General Assembly in North Kivu DRCongo

Happy New 2024 dear members, staffs, partners, donors and well-wishers, we wish you all the best for this year and eager to work with you again in order to achieve our mission.

We are honored to share with you the very first important activity for the year 2024 which is the very First General Assembly of COJESKI/DRC, Coordination of North Kivu. In fact we were established in North Kivu in 1998 but up to now we have never held a general assembly.

On Saturday January 6th, 2024 we shall have our very first General Assembly which will bring together all members in North Kivu, partners, donors and well-wishers for the following objectives:

  1. To put in place legal and legitimate leadership of the Network according to its constitution and to end the culture of nomination of office bearers which has existed since 1998 up to date,
  2. To introduce young people in the leadership of the Network in order to offer them opportunities to learn and become a resource for the nation,
  3. To bring on board programs and activities which are in line with the realities of young people in North Kivu mainly security, peace, employment, economic empowerment, sexuality, education, leadership, community participation, humanitarian activities among others.
  4. To place the Network as a credible organization on issues of Democracy, Good Governance and Human Rights among others and to become the role-model in North Kivu.

The following posts will be occupied by the young people

The Board of Directors: According to our constitution Seven (7) Directors should be elected by members, these may be any person of good will who wish to be part of us,

The Coordination: According to our constitution Five (5) people from members should be elected by their fellow members, only members can elect and can be elected, and these should represent their organizations.

It will be now upon the Coordination to put in place the administration, so far those in the administration will have to renew their commitment to serve the Network.

We humbly welcome and feel free to be part of us.


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