Invitation for the Commemoration of the Genocide in the Democratic Republic of Congo August 2nd, 2023

Invitation for the Commemoration of the Genocide in the Democratic Republic of Congo: GENOCOST


We humbly invite you to join us during these three days of actions in order to Commemorate the Genocide in DCR which has claimed more than 10Million Congolese since 1996 up to now, and thousands of Hutus Rwandan Refugees in DRC whose number remain unknown.

We have chosen this day of August 2nd of each year to reflect on these millions of people killed, massacred, raped, forced to exile just because they are Congolese and just because they refugees in DRC. Their souls will never rest in peace unless justice is done,

On this day we remember that on August 2nd, 1998 started the second war of RCD Goma in DRC, backed by Rwanda and Uganda which is still going up to now which has claimed millions of innocent lives. Apart from various massacres, rape, all forms of killings and forced disappearance, this barbaric war has also forced millions of Congolese to live in Internally Displaced Persons to live in camps and millions of Congolese to live in refugee camps in various countries.

Yesterday Monday July 31, 2023 we had a Press Conference, today Tuesday August 1st, 2023 we are having a Motorists Caravane in Goma, and tomorrow Wednesday 2nd, 2023 will be the climax of activities started from 9am at ISC Goma, North Kivu/ DRC.

Kindly find more on this document attached.


Kulihoshi Musikami Pecos

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