This programme is focusing on two wings mainly activities towards Internally Displaced Persons and Refugees both refugees in DRCongo and Congolese Refugees in other countries. This programme looks at relief, transparency in the relief aid, human rights of the concerned people, and their civic rights in order to ensure they are not left out.

Internally Displaced Persons: This programme looks at advocating in order to address the real causes of displacement among Congolese people, provides urgent relief and powers the communities to develop resilience to the problems in order to overcome the state of vulnerability.

Refugees and asylum seekers: This Programme looks at the whole protection of refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo, advocates for better livelihood opportunities, and empowers refugees to be come actors of change in their communities and for their countries of origin.

Disaster and Risks prevention: This projects looks at potential risks that may affect people, empowers people to mitigate certain risks and develop resilience to disaster and risks.

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