Good Governance

The promotion of Good-Governance is also the second traditional pillar which characterizes our very existence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Serious questions remain unanswered how do people behave, what people do once they are in power, and how best do they invest for the benefit of people they lead.

We have in place the following projects:

Promotion of accountability: This consist at promoting accountable citizens, people who are accountable to themselves and the community and citizens who strongly demand for accountability from others and from the leaders at all levels,

Promotion of a transparent management: This project seeks to advance the opportunities of leaders who have no space in order to hide important things that affect their communities but also to promote transparency among the community members themselves,

The rule of law: This seeks to empower citizens and community members to promote principles that based on laws and policies among themselves and in all sector of leadership, it also seeks to ensure that we have better laws and challenges all forms of arbitrary actions.

Promotion of justice: This project aims at the promotion of all forms of justice, social justice, criminal justice, and transitional justice,

The fight against corruption: This project seeks to empower citizens to fight against all forms of corruption in the society and make clear demands to leaders to discourage all forms of corruption in the society,

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