Frederich Ngabo Wangabo finally released in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The HRD release of Fredrich Ngabo Wangabo

Please support the Protection of Human Rights Defenders in DRCongo, here is the link:

Fredrich Ngambo went missing in Goma early December 2023, according to his post on social media, he was kidnapped. Yesterday June 4th, 2024 he announced on his Facebook account that he has returned to his home in Canada and that shortly he will hold a press conference on his situation in DRC which we are still waiting for, the information about his release was also confirmed by his family members in Goma.

Frederich Ngabo is a Canadian from the Democratic Republic of Congo origin of Birava in South Kivu, he moved to Canada in 2009 as a refugee. Fredirich is critical to the current governance in DRC which is perceived as being in the opposition.

Towards the end of November 2023 he came to Goma in order to offer relief aid to Internally Displaced Persons but after few weeks he went missing and no one had information about his whereabouts. We alerted various stakeholders about his missing and we are so pleased to hear that he is life and free now, after six months in captivity.

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