Facilitating NDSCI to hold elections of her Urban Committee in Goma DRCongo

Brief notes on the Elections of the New Dynamic of Civil Society (NDSC) for Goma urban Committee, held on this Friday March 29th, 2024, at our offices in Goma.

Voting equipment already in at our offices one day before the elections, thanks to CENI

Like other organizations, associations, groups and initiatives in Goma that benefit from our space for their various activities, benefit also from our chairs, tables, water and electricity among others COJESKI North Kivu is on the right direction to reclaim back it traditional role of offering opportunities to various initiatives, especially those which are led by young people.

Our meeting Hall has the capacity to host more than 100 people, but also it is being used as a place where people can and work from using their laptops, we are still facing challenges to make more conducive in order to respond to the demands.

NDSCI urban Elections

The members of NDSCI North Kivu briefing the media after elections,

The members of NDSCI newly elected urban Committee of Goma briefing the media today. In total 14 people of the urban committee were elected.

Today Friday March 29th, 2024 the New Dynamic of the Civil Society in North Kivu, held her elections which put in place the very first urban committee of Goma. The elections were held from COJESKI North Kivu Meeting Hall which brought together various people, local authorities especially the representative of the Mayor of Goma, and other organizations from the Civil Society. These elections were also supported by the National Independent Electoral Commission which provided the necessary materials which were used.

COJESKI North Kivu, provide the space, chairs, tables, papers, flip chat, water, our staff members, electricity and contributed some money for snacks and soft drinks. With this NDSCI organized the elections and now it has the very first urban committee. We are so proud for this role and we wish to continue doing so to support all others in need especially youth initiatives.

However we observed the following challenges today which we must quickly resolve:

The security at the office where there is a crowd of people, today we lost number of offices items including mobile phones and other movable things,

The need to buy more plastic chairs in order to accommodate more than 100 people, and the need to buy a Tent which should be placed outside for more people,

We observed also the need for sound system and loud speakers so that we can cover even those who remain outside,

The need to have internet, ability to print from the office and photocopy, and to buy more tables,

The need to put water at the office especially drinking water and enough electricity for use, including toilets which can accommodate a big number of people,


We thank people and all our donors who are contributing the little they can in order to exist and because of their sacrifices we are able to extend services to others and participate in the development of this country.




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