Eight Days ultimatum to DRC Minister of Internal Affairs to change officers heading the National Refugee Commission

We give Eight Days ultimatum to His Excellency Jacquemain Shabani the DRC Minister of Interior Affaires to completely change all the Animators of the National Commission for Refugees CNR who are at the service of Rwanda

Debate on the problematic of FDLR and Refugees in North Kivu

In 8 days we will commemorate World Refugee Day on June 20 and we need change in the CNR, we have already been impatiently waiting for six years to put all these officials aside and come up with a new approach for the Refugee Commission. All the Animators of the CNR who work for the interest of Rwanda in complicity with UNHCR, and all those who have been granted a refugee status for the benefit of Rwanda should be excluded.

Already here in North Kivu, while we were waiting for the New Government, the CNR and UNHCR rushed to set up a new Urban Refugee Committee to facilitate the espionage of Rwanda here in Goma, this new refugee committee also should be dissolved as quickly as possible.

Thus we ask his Excellence the Democratic Republic of Congo Minister of Internal Affairs to put in place true Congolese patriots in the CNR to ensure effective management of the refugee issue that Rwanda uses as a pretext for War and at the same time and ask the UNHCR also to withdraw from the DR Congo alongside MONUSCO.

The DRC already has a human resource capable of managing refugees well without injunctions from UNHCR

Thank you very much Excellency Jacquemain Shabani

For COJESKI North Kivu


Kulihoshi Musikami Pecos,

Provincial Coordinator


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