DRC Congolese Security Services have failed to protect the country

We strongly condemn the attempt of Coup d’Etat in Kinshasa the Democratic Republic of Congo on Sunday May 19th, 2024, this was not a surprise as it was expected, the country is having a security problem

One among those who were captured

While various Actors in the Democratic Republic of Congo are wondering about the facility in which the attempt of the Coup d’Etat was carried out, very easy and without the prevention and detection of the security services. We strongly condemn this attempt and strongly discourage the use of violence in order to access power and to weaken political adversaries.

However we observed that for the last two months there have been alerts in social media about a possible Coup d’Etat and which may be were not taken seriously. Information also mentioned about how people are easily leaving areas that are under the control of the government in order to join the rebellion backed by Rwanda in the eastern DRC, at the same time we have observed how M24 rebel group backed by Rwanda is taking easily areas on the Congolese Territory and no will ask where are the security services.

For people in Goma, this is not strange and it may not be a news, it is common for armed people to operate in Goma the whole night breaking houses and no one will come to stop them, at the Governor’s offices in Goma, it is easier to access the whole area without control checkup as long as you may have only 1000 FC which you give to the security services at the gate, in the evening and at night there is no security service deployed on Roads and generally there is no presence of the state at night, as everyone seems to be sleeping.

It is our hope that our security services will wake up now and put in place strategies which will make them active 24 hours per day on security matters of the country and its people. The attempted Coup d’Etat in Kinshasa seems to indicate that in the whole country security services are not active at night and there is a challenge of gathering intelligence.




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