Despite the decried irregularities we take note of the results of the elections as announced in DRCongo

Press Statement on the concluded general elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Together with other actors from the Civil Society, the Pro-Democracy Pressure groups we took act of the announced results of the elections.

During the press conference this Tuesday December 2nd 2024, where young people are empowered to play a role.

This was one among the questions which is diving actors of the Civil Society in the Democratic Republic of Congo, “should we take note of the results or we should distance from these results?” We gave our position today in a Press Conference held at UNPC Goma, North Kivu starting at 10am on Tuesday January 2nd, 2024. In front of the media and press we appeared and positioned ourselves towards the results.

Despite the decried irregularities in some places, despite the fact that many Congolese did not vote, we noted some progress and we do agree with the results as were announced by the Independent Electoral Commission”. This was after a two hours debate and who whole two days engagement in various social media, we concluded to these observations.

We highly regretted to note that various actors of the Civil Society and the Political Parties boycotted the whole process which was left to the electoral commission alone. We also noted that the current President Felix Tshisekedy was expected to win the elections not because he had options to cheat but because he did not face a serious opposition.

As Civil Society Actors we need to blame ourselves because we took distance from the whole electoral process.

We also noted that the country is facing the war in the Eastern part and other various forms of insecurity and therefore the efforts should be geared towards ending the war and then other things will come, on the same note we encourage all those who have reclamations to follow the legal process and call upon everyone that elections are not a pretext for conflicts and putting the country at risk. We encourage all actors who feel they were cheated and who have grievances to follow the legal process.

We do not believe that the streets option is the best during this time when the country is at war,

And lastly as soon as these elections are concluded all the parties should immediately join the next electoral process in order to serve better the country. At the same time we shall respect the freedom of those who believe in the streets through demonstrations as the best way to protest against what they believe are irregularities.

The current President won the elections not because he cheated but because he did not a serious challenger, we must be responsible for our actions.



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