The promotion of a democratic regime in the Democratic Republic of Congo is one among our traditional pillars and one among our key struggle over the years. Democracy at all levels and in every sector of life is one among our commitment in order to put people at the center of development.

We therefore have opted to engage on the following projects in order to make democracy a reality.

Promotion of regular elections as way of getting power: This consists of empowering the communities and young people to promote elections as one among the best means to access power and also exercise it in total democracy where people play the central role.

Empower people on democratic values and principles: People have to be fully informed about democracy through trainings and campaigns, among others.

Promotion of the freedom of speech: This project focuses on creating spaces and opportunities where people can speak freely and without fear, where people can access information and share information with others,

Promotion of community participation: This project seeks to ensure that people’s ideas do count and aims at helping people to hold their leaders accountable.

Promotion of quality leadership: Helping the communities to promote good leaders among themselves who will uphold democratic principles, and empower community members in leadership.

We can also do anything else that may advance democracy in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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