Briefing from the end of the year Board of Directors Meeting in Goma DRC

Rapport of the end of the year meeting of the Board of Directors of COJESKI/DRC, Coordination of North

Yesterday Saturday October 28th, 2023 was held a meeting of the five members who are part of the board of directors and came up with interesting resolutions. The meeting was held at the one of the Centers in Goma, started a 9am and ended up 3pm and was attended by all the five directors in order to solve the challenges and capitalize on the existing opportunities.

The meeting was also attended by executive team which presented to the participants on the current situation of the organizations. Members observed challenges the organization is facing currently and make serious resolutions.

They started by reviewing the documents of the organizations and realized that they are gaps which are connected to the constitution, they recommended for a special for a special meeting in order to come up with articles that need to be amended and which will be sent at national level, they appreciated the current constitutions that gives provinces more opportunities to work indecently from the national coordination.

More recommendations were made to explore options to acquire the observer status from other regional institutions but only this is not the issue of the provincial coordination but it is can be forwarded at the national level.

On the issue of administration, it was also observed that the current staff members are very few but also recognized that not much can be done without funding in order to reach to what we would like to see.

The meeting resolve to ensure that there is a written Memorandum of understanding with all partners who want to collaborate and partner with us at all levels, community, provincial, national, regional and international.

It also observed that the current directors should be seven (7) in number but as per now they are only five (5), it was therefore recommended that two more should be elected by the General Assembly but as per now they will be co-opted as we wait for the General Assembly to be organized.

The board also resolved to put in place internal documents which are lacking, improve the working conditions of the staffs and engage with other strategic stakeholders who were clearly defined in the meeting.

The board realized that because of the current elections period in the Democratic Republic of Congo, it may be difficult to organize the General Assembly and suggested to wait until the first semester of the year 2024. During that time the Board of Director may meet regularly to solve problems which are related to the power of the General Assembly.

More work should be done in working with organization members and expand the work in the whole province, much as this will require a serious funding. The participants were satisfied by the current work which has been done, the work that is ongoing and recommended to ensure that there is a strategic plan for three years until 2026.

The other resolutions that were made are more connected to internal operations, administrative and other which are for internal consumption.




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