Brief Report on the Community mobilization towards the current humanitarian crisis in Goma DRCongo

Religious Concert Report in Bulengo IDP Camp, Goma the Democratic Republic of Congo

The Armee du Ciel Choir on the stage during the Concert in Bulengo 

Under the Programme Solidarity and Pacific Cohabitation between IDPs and host communities which COJESKI North Kivu hosts, the concert was organized yesterday Sunday June 9th, 2024 at Bulengo Catholic Community.

Two Choirs were involved mainly St Joseph’s Choir Composed of Internally Displaced Persons, a Young Talents Group of Musician from IDP members of Radixplor Association and Armee du Ciel Choir of Mont Carmel Parish in Goma.

Before the Concert

Preparing porridge for the children in the camp

Two choirs were identified, meetings were also held, 37 letters were sent to local leaders, International Organizations, Companies and the Media based in Goma,

Flyers about the Concert was made and circulated in various social media, announcements were made in Mont Carmel Parish in Goma, a Press Conference was made and one Interview with the media was made. Posts were regular on our various social media about this activity.

All these focused on attracting the attention of people in order to mobilize them to work together to solve the solution. For us solutions are at three stages:

Urgent Relief Aid: Each IDP should be assured with the minimum relief aid mainly food, shelter, shoes, clothes, security, medical care and education for their children,

Inter-immediate solution: Help them to get involved in Income Generating Activities in order to gain some money for their basic needs. We are observing a close relationship between IDPs and poverty in camps and that should be addressed,

Going back home: Efforts should deployed to advocate for the end of the war so that IDPs can go back home as this is the lasting solution, and this should be directed towards the Government.

Activities that took place

The Holy Mass

During the Holly Mass in Bulengo on Sunday June 9th, 2024

Both Choirs animated the Holy Mass which excited the Christians and help the congregation to jubilation and praise God. The Parish Priest who led the Mass said “this is the very first time I have seen people coming here to extend support to us, thank you so much for your generosity”, and his recommendation was that such initiative should continue and mobilize others to come and help but also invite choir members to visit Parishes in Goma. This recommendation was taken seriously and will be put into consideration.

At the end of the Mass in his speech Ami Fidel the Armee du Ciel chairperson thanked us for facilitating and organizing the link and the whole event and pledged to continue working with us.


St Joseph Choir of Bulengo on the stage during the Concert on Sunday June 9th,

While we may not really estimate the outcome of this Concert to first of St Joseph Choir which spent two months in the preparation, the visibility of these Choirs, yesterday was their very first big event an opportunity to sing alongside big Choirs in Goma, and their first time to present songs before the public. On top of that choir members benefited from the relief aid which was collected and at the same ushered so many people into admiration.

The public enjoyed the Music, smiled, danced and had a lot time to jump and relax, we believe that we achieved what we intended to reduce stress among IDPs,

Porridge distribution to malnourished IDP children

IDP children taking porridge on Sunday June 9th, 2024 in Bulengo

The there was also cooking of porridge and distribution to children, for some it was a surprise to eat a bread and porridge with sugar, this is too rare to many among IDP children and this activity attracted so many children.

Distribution of relief aid


A total number of 243 people got relief aid composed of food, shoes and clothes which were donated by various people in order to help them.


All our activities went on well as planned which means, the Mass, distributing porridge, Concert, and distribution of relief aid to IDPs,

A total of 600 children took porridge and a bread and this brought a lot of joy among children,

This event helped people to mitigating assumptions towards IDPs who some people believed were too violent,

Our objective to attract the attention of people in Goma on the situation of IDPs was achieved, and the presence of the also helped many people to come and visit the camp for their first time,

People from had discussions among themselves on what they can do after seeing and realized that they should do more in order to address the situation,


The relief aid which was raised did not cover all the already identified people and more were added on the lists, a total of 102 people were not served yet they were also planned,

The logistic also was a challenge and sometimes could cost a lot of money,

The choirs and all those involved spent the whole day on the sunshine outside, and did not put place measures for their well-being during their stay in camps,

The absence of local authorities and NGOs which are responsible for the wellbeing of IDPs, especially those who were invited and who normally give either information which is not accurate, or decide not to give to people information about the situation of IDPs in Camps,

Way forward

Basing of what we leant, there is a need of advocacy at all levels about the suffering of people in camps and efforts should be deployed to encourage people at all levels to visit IDP Camps,

Social Activities like these ones should be amplified and should bring together all people,

These activities should also become opportunities for IDPs to express and share with others what they are facing,

Plan for transport allowances for the local authorities and the media,



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