Brief on the launch of the Solidarity and Pacific Cohabitation with IDPs in Goma DRCongo

Rapport on the launch of the Campaign for Solidarity and Pacific Cohabitation between IDPs and the host communities in Goma, North Kivu, the Democratic Republic of Congo. The French Version is attached here ” RAPPORT SUR LA COHABITATION PACIFIQUE AVEC LES DEPLACES INTERNES


Goma currently hosts millions of IDPs from war areas of Masisi, Rutshuru and Nyiragongo, some are living in IDP Camps while others are living in host families. Interventions are often oriented towards those in camps but nothing has been proposed to those in host families, and less information exist about their living conditions.

The presence of IDPs in Goma has been negatively perceived by the host communities and accusations are growing to the point that they may cause severe conflicts, some IDPs are accused of supporting the war and keeping rebels in their homes in camps, others are accused of being increasing urban insecurity in Goma, we are observed cases of hatred against IDPs, exploitation in various forms including cheap labor and sexual exploitation of those who are vulnerable.

We are aware about a section of people in Goma who left their homes in order to join IDPs in camps, people in Goma who are accused of getting relief aid which should benefit IDPs, the existence of all tricks in order to embezzle aid, the competition for the existing limited resources and sometimes brings tensions among people. In brief the problems to address are so many.

What should the campaigns do?

The campaigns will organize events that bring people together both IDPs and the host communities, the campaign will also create events which bring stakeholders together and the campaign will also focus on policy reforms, and lastly the campaign will focus on long-term solutions in order to end this problem. However the campaign will also draw the attention of the audience the relationship between poverty and life in Camps and encourage more actions in order to reduce poverty.

Launching the campaign in Goma

Sunday March 17th, 2023 we also launched the campaign which aims at changing the perceptions and attitudes of people in Goma towards IDPs but also at the same shaping the attitudes and expectations on IDPs and promote among them the sense of integration. The Campaign is called Solidarity and Pacific Cohabitation in Goma/DRC.

Launching the campaign

We believe there are things we can do, and if you believe like us, please join us now.

The launch brought together the following actors: COJESKI North Kivu, The New Dynamic of the Civil Society in North Kivu, the Division of the Youth in North Kivu, the Youth Council of Goma, IDPs from AKOGENOKI Camps, the media and press. Two Football Teams among them one from the IDPs and other Team from the Host Communities especially the Youth from Kyeshero. The following in local leaders also attended the event: The Youth Local Leader from Kyeshero, Kyesehero Local Leader, the Head of the Province Youth Division, the chairperson of one IDP Camps, and the representative from one Member of the Parliament.

The Campaigns started with speeches from the organizers and the local authorities who came, then we had a football match with the two teams and then the visitors and the teams shared soft drinks which marked the end of the activity. With the mobilization we witnessed the presence of local residents who participated in activities, IDPs and others who were curious to know what was happening.


We sent our clear message to the participants and to those who will access information on social media, media and being told what has happened,

We are so proud that we kicked off the activities which will vibrate in Goma and continue to bring people together in order to exchange and work together,

We are so happy to help the community realize that IDPs and refugees have also skills and talents which can be put at use for the interest of the communities,

We helped people shift the attention that support to IDPs and refugees is not only limited to relief aid, but also to other sectors of life,

We helped people to know each other and interact but also to network and build relationship,

The event was attended by key actors we targeted from the communities and local leaders in Goma,

The participants were so happy for the activities and requested more such activities to be organized and expand these to local people,


The challenges were mainly the lack of funds in order to mobilize more people, to have Tents, Chairs, Banners, drinking water, first aid, Music system, speakers, and other things in place,

The lack of partners, as we are still at the beginning, we do not have yet other partners who can also join us,

The need to make these activities in various parts of Goma,

Way forward


With what was done yesterday Sunday, it was now clear that people and participants observed what can be done, how to do it and this helped people to learn something on how to plan events and campaigns, we observed the available opportunities and at the same time we observed the challenges we need to address,

Recommendations were formulated and very soon the organizing committee will meet in order to pave a way forward,

Kulihoshi Musikami Pecos

Coordinator/ COJESKI North Kivu

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