Alert on the refugee protection risks in relation to the current elections of representatives in Goma DRC


The National Commission for Refugees CNR in complicity with UNHCR Goma, seem to plan an infiltration of false refugees on behalf of Rwanda and could benefit from the support of the DGM, ANR and the Mayor of Goma in this practice which has already existed for a long time.

Establishment of the FALSE Refugee Committee by the CNR and UNHCR on Tuesday 05/28/2024 concerns us, and should be discouraged.

The three Candidates selected by UNHCR and the CNR would all be close to refugee management and also connected to Rwanda. The lack of mobilization of real refugees, the current situation as well as the selection of candidates are among the problems.  The allegations indicate the granting of Refugee status to false Refugees to camouflage them and to help them do their intelligence work for Rwanda, this would also involve the establishment of a Refugee Committee to facilitate the task. This situation is worrying as reports continue to suggest the killing of Rwandans refugees in other countries.

While voices are being raised among Rwandan Refugees who lament against the silence of the Congolese Government on the infiltration of fake Refugees into North Kivu, the CNR and UNHCR are very opposed to the questions of who are these Refugees that we have here in Goma and North Kivu. And if you continue to ask such questions, you may risk either being reported to the ANR or P2 to arrest you, our Actors are often victims of this practice and yet we are thirsty to know who these people are who have the status of Refugees in the North Kivu and how they got it, we are also thirsty to know who these people are who work in UNHCR, CNR and AIDES, how they arrived, where they were or before and what exactly they do for the Refugees.

Fake Refugee Representatives in Goma

The practice has existed for a long time. It would be too lucrative but it must be legalized for greater legitimacy and to remove doubt and all suspicion at all levels. Some of the Agents of UNHCR Goma, and in the DRC would be either Rwandan Tutsi or foreigners and Congolese who reside in Rwanda would work in collaboration with Rwanda. Images from Geneva in December 2023 show Rwandan Tutsi representing the DRC at the World Refugee Summit. Imagine, Tutsi discussing the protection and security of Hutus refugees on Congolese soil. How can the Congolese Government fail to treat this matter of Refugees lightly and yet very sensitive for the security of the country?

As you know, President Paul Kagame uses the Refugees present in the DRC to justify his Military presence here in North Kivu. For him all Rwandan Refugees especially Hutus in the DRC are FDLR, but to take such a position he must access information on the Refugees here in the DRC. So to argue about the presence of the FDLR, Rwanda has set up structures here in the DRC to provide them with information. Some information would indicate that the CNR was created by Rwanda in 1998 to exactly repatriate, deport, assassinate and put an end to Rwandan Refugees, and then in 2002 the CNR was only legalized by lobbying by Rwanda through UNHCR.

The CNR would be one of the Agencies in the pay of Rwanda, generally composed of former Executives of the RCD Goma, and which would be very close to Rwanda until now, the CNR would facilitate the infiltration of Rwandans by baptizing them Refugees to cover their espionage work.

Who are those that the CNR assigned the status of Refugees to North Kivu?


We observe that the status of Refugees in North Kivu is easily attributed to People who can easily provide intelligence for Rwanda and not for the protection of Refugees. The allegations show that these People who were made Refugees still returned to Rwanda after the others discovered their mission here in North Kivu, and until now the CNR remains silent and has never even communicated on the cancellation of their refugee status.

The fake Refugee Committee

In complicity with UNHCR, they must set up a Refugee Committee which must inform Rwanda, in fact, the game would be very simple: They prepare certain Rwandan Refugees for the services of Rwanda, these Rwandans will not be visible but they will be members of the Committee and it is an obligation they must be present in the Committee, they must remain in the shadows and even in meetings they would not be too active, these Rwandans will not be in the foreground, at the same time they are preparing a President for Urban Refugees who generally would be a Burundian Refugee, who can easily cooperate and then they present him with certain People with whom he will include in his Committee, and these People would be fake Rwandan Refugees.

To legitimize the infiltration, UNHCR Goma finances the operation and the CNR plans it, so the DGM, the Mayor of Goma and ANR have allies, they are mainly well-known people who are there for a long time to facilitate the task and that is why each election of Refugee Representatives are the same Staff from the DGM, ANR Marie de Goma who are present. You would understand that since the RCD Goma, the Mayor of Goma, the DGM, the ANR do not change these People in this deal, and when you engage them with questions, we observe that these People would benefit from the support of the institutions in place.

And then an organization of elections for the Refugee Representative is organized and financed by UNHCR Goma, the CNR plays the technical role and coaches the candidates to ensure that their person passes. The CNR also mobilizes these focal points at the ANR, DGM and the Mayor of Goma to legitimize the operation.

The work of Refugee Representatives in North Kivu

By the way these Refugee representatives should help and facilitate the efforts for the protection of Refugees, but this is not done since the CNR and UNHCR do not work on the protection of refugees, so these representatives help to expose the refugees in Rwanda. Since 2021 we have noticed their three main roles:

  1. Collect the necessary information according to their tasks, and especially here they would give false information to Rwanda about the FDLR in North Kivu,
  2. Discourage Refugees who want to be protected from continuing to argue that these Refugees are FDLR, in the end giving the arguments to Rwanda,
  3. Identify and target the Refugees who must be deported to Rwanda to be presented as FDLR for evidence.

When the VPM of the Interior Peter Kazadi speaks on Radio Okapi that all the country’s institutions are infiltrated by Rwanda, we ask him to put order in the CNR first. If we want to put an end to the allegations from Rwanda, we should set up a CNR of true Congolese patriots,


Kulihoshi Musikami Pecos,

Provincial Coordinator of COJESKI North Kivu,

Specialist in Refugee Rights in the Grand-Lac




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